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Topbaş explained Haydarpaşa's new version

Haydarpaşa Train Station, Harbor and Back Area Conservation Master Plan has been approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. In the development plan, the historical station was divided into 'cultural facility tourism and accommodation area'. Greater Istanbul [more…]

TCDD Applies to Privatization Administration for Haydarpaşa Port
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Renovation in Haydarpaşa

Renovation in Haydarpaşa Sequence: CHP Istanbul Deputy Kadir Gökmen Öğüt criticized the closure of Haydarpaşa Train Station to passenger transportation because of the High Speed ​​Train Project, [more…]

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Due to the 2 High Speed ​​Train Project between Istanbul and Ankara, the last intercity flight from Haydarpaşa Train Station was held at 23.30 the night before. As the last train moves, a group of Haydarpaşa train stations [more…]

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Meram Express Scheduled

Meram Express Scheduled Canceled: Meram Express services, which are operating in Konya-Haydarpaşa and Haydarpaşa-Konya directions, will be canceled due to High Speed ​​Train road works started in 1 February 2012 between Köseköy Gebze [more…]

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Feasibility studies for Kanal Istanbul started

Channel said that the feasibility studies for Istanbul have been launched for Transport Minister Yildirim, the cost will vary between 4 to 10 billion pounds, according to the route announced. The target project is to complete the minimum 4, maximum 8 per year. Transportation [more…]