35 Izmir

The New Cable Car Will Suit İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has concluded the tender for the Balçova cable car, which it will completely renew in accordance with the European Union standards. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality stated that the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which were closed to service after it was determined that "the use of it has become inconvenient" in the technical examination, is "EU". [more…]

Bursa T1 Map
16 Bursa

Sculpture Garage Tram Project Approval Received

The projects prepared on the Sculpture-Garaj tram line, which is the first long line in the city center tram lines, which constitute the second leg of the Metropolitan Municipality's goal of “weaving Bursa with iron nets”, were sent to the DLH General Directorate for approval. Confirmation [more…]


Opposition to the move of TÜVASAŞ

Some have started to speak out in the name of opposing the rhetoric of TÜVASAŞ's relocation out of the city, which has been on the agenda in recent weeks... Not knowing the reason for the removal of TÜVASAŞ, which is still only in words (which is on the agenda in the medium term) [more…]