A Scandal in Ankara YHT Crash More!

ankara is more of a scandal
ankara is more of a scandal

In Ankara, 9 scandals are not cut back in a train accident. 5 day before the accident by hand manually changing the warning that the problem appeared.

Train accidents in Turkey is experiencing, the authorities do not pay a price. 15 September 2004 38 died in Pamukova after the train accident, the Minister of Transport Binali Yildirim, the criticism on the need to resign UM I'm very comfortable. I do not use that steering wheel, my brother, ıy he replied. 13 2018 9 86 in the XNUMX person injured in the accident after the accident, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan said in a statement, "The signaling system is not a sine qua non for railway operation," he explained.

CumhuriyetAccording to Cuneyt Muharremoglu, officials do not accept responsibility for train accidents, but scandal in Ankara does not stop the scandal. 5 accident days before the accident, TCDD-affiliated Car Maintenance Service Department, the Department of Corporate Safety Management manual manual manual changes in the manual warned that there is a weakness. 5 December 2018 Operation Manager M.O signed document due to signalization and scissor works within the scope of the work of the basement three ways were closed, west from the station before the maneuver was started before re-dispatching the sets. During this period, the trainings of the train maneuvers and the events experienced during the arrival of the trains are presented in the attached list. It has been concluded that there is a weakness in manual scissor operations recently. Son Five days after this article, scissor Osman Yildirim, YHT'i Hat 1'in Hat 2'e scissors to move the direction to forget the tragedy occurred at the Ankara Railway Station.

The inspection report of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Ankara on 14 March 2019 450-page inspection report has reached the prosecutor's office. According to the report, which was announced to be commissioned before the completion of Başkentray Project, there was a delay in the completion of the signalization due to 'project changes made due to unforeseen situations'.

Before the opening of the Ankara-Sincan line, the necessary risk analysis was not performed. Risk analysis was performed only at 10 April 2018 in Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan suburban line. In this analysis, m the risk of entering the suburban road due to incorrect scissor arrangement is unacceptable / undesirable level “was determined. Thales made a second analysis at 24 April 2018. In the second analysis, the risks that may occur during the manual operation of the scissors are shown and the personnel should take on on-the-job training on the risks and precautions.

Another issue that draws attention to the report is related to TCDD. TCDD, due to the absence of a signaling system, warned of the risks to be experienced, but opened the line by using the right to discretion. TCDD, however, began to take additional measures three days after the accident.

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