"Channel Istanbul" and "3rd Bridge" Message from Minister Çağlayan to China

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) organized by the "Turkey China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum" joined by the Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, answered questions from reporters after the forum.

good volume of trade between Turkey and China, Caglayan noted that the figures are high, but against Turkey expressed that the imbalance in trade volume between both countries. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on April 9-10 transferring to a visit to China, "China has decided the following, which will make investments in Turkey will provide the Chinese government funding of any kind of company in China. This is what the Vice President of China specifically tells us. This is extremely important for us, ”he said.


Pointing out that the “Kanal Istanbul” project was also brought to the agenda during the meetings with the Chinese delegation, Çağlayan said, “Yesterday, our Prime Minister himself expressed it. The 'Kanal Istanbul' project is an important project of our Prime Minister and we are definitely starting this next year. 'Kanal Istanbul' will be a 43-kilometer route and an investment of around $ 10 billion is expected. Chinese companies will be able to do this with their own financial support. Again, the 3rd Bridge will be put out to tender on 5 April. I also think that they will make an important effort to participate in the tender regarding the 3rd Bridge. We talked about many issues, ”he said.

Çağlayan stated that China's demand to buy Turkish bonds and trade with their own currencies was finally met, and said that with the agreement made between the central banks yesterday, China can buy Turkish bonds if it wishes.


Source: Last Minute

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