Light Rail Transport System in Sakarya.

Sakarya Municipality Chairman Zeki Toçoğlu, Sakarya, with regard to the introduction of light rail transport system, Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), and the Istanbul Transportation Inc. said a joint study carried out. According to the website of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]


Niğde Environment Highway was opened

The Niğde Environment Highway, 20 February 2012, was opened on Wednesday with a ceremony. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali YILDIRIM, Niğde Governor Alim BARUT, Governor of Nevşehir Abdurrahman SAVAŞ, General Manager of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN, region [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa Tile to Decorate Japanese Metro

Iznik Tile Foundation, Japan for the Tokai Metro, which is considered sacred by the Japanese sanctuary of the Camphor wood tile production of the 345 chinese work will be on the walls of the Tokai Metro in the coming days. Çini Foundation, for the Istanbul Metro, also consists of about 600 tiles [more…]

marmaray map
34 Istanbul

Land ports waiting for Marmaray

The private sector has started to invest in the Marmaray Project, which will connect Europe and Asia with railways, in order to evaluate the advantage of freight transport. Arkas Holding began to establish eri land ports böl in various regions of Anatolia for the transfer of the future cargo through Marmaray. [more…]


Snow Fighting in Railways

In Eastern Anatolia, there is a relentless struggle on railways as well as on highways. In Eastern Anatolia, where heavy snowfall and type prevail, there is a relentless struggle on railways as well as on highways. 2 meters of snow thickness [more…]

16 Bursa

Trolley line adjustment to Old Hal Junction

In the opinion of President Altepe, it is possible to cross the Sculpture-City Square tramway in front of the SSI, but the Old Hal Junction bridge will prevent it. To make it suitable for tram crossing, the steep slope bridge is removed, Uluabatlı Hasan Bulvarı is taken under the junction of Bat-Çıkla Tram [more…]