Level Crossing Ends at Ankara AOÇ

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the New Farm Boulevard and the level crossing bridge, which will greatly relax the traffic load in the western corridor of the capital, despite the challenging conditions of winter conditions.

Yeni Çiftlik Boulevard, passing through Celal Bayar Boulevard, across the railway, will run parallel to the railway until Etimesgut. There will be 4 large passages on a 4 lane boulevard with 8 departures, 6 arrivals. Celal Bayar Boulevard Ddy Underpass Construction, the metropolitan municipality, which completed the beam and bored piles of AOÇ Level Crossing and Armored Troops Bridge Interchange, will accelerate the assembly processes with the improvement of weather conditions.

Stating that the work started immediately after the protocol signed between Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek said that the New Farm Boulevard Project will take a deep breath to the western corridor of the city. Celal Bayar Boulevard Ddy Underpass Construction, AOÇ Level Crossing and Armored Units Köprülü Junction points out that the foundation excavations are completed and reinforced concrete productions are almost completed. Continuing his land, he said that he will end in front of the Etimesgut Armored Troops and that the traffic on the road to Istanbul and Eskişehir will be relieved with the completion of the boulevard. Stating that outside the Boulevard, the AOÇ will be connected to the Cross Gate from the State Cemetery, and the viaduct that will reach the Istanbul Road from there will also be an alternative route, Mayor Gökçek, especially with the completion of the Şaşmaz Viaduct to be built in connection with the Armored Troops Köprülü Interchange. He announced that Eskişehir Yolu transportation will be provided.


Expressing the details of the project and the final point it has reached, Mayor Gökçek stated that the works are carried out within the scope of technical possibilities despite the difficult weather conditions. According to the information given by President Gökçek, there will be 2 passes and 2 departures from Celal Bayar Boulevard, the starting point of the boulevard, that will connect to Celal Bayar Boulevard under the Ddy lines. While the construction of bored piles to be used in underpass construction is completed, the construction of the underpass is carried out by tunnel type excavation method and road construction works continue.


Within the scope of the AOÇ Level Crossing Bridge Crossing, which will pass over the railway, all of the bored pile and beam manufacturing has been completed and a 75 percent improvement has been achieved. The construction of the columns of 5 legs of the bridge with 4 legs and 3 openings has been completed, and the beams of the 2 openings have started to be placed. While the excavation work continues on the remaining 1 leg of the bridge, the 5th leg will be completed quickly after Ddy displaces the existing rails. The construction of the connecting roads of the bridge continues. Transportation is provided by the temporary service road in order to avoid traffic problems. Explaining that a road will be connected to this bridge from the crossroads in front of the State Cemetery within the scope of the works carried out in this region, President Gökçek noted that a connection from the bridge to Istanbul will be provided with the viaduct at the project stage. Giving the information that the new viaduct will pass through the Zoo, President Gökçek stated that when those who want to go from the air set off from Söğütözü, after the bridge, they will continue through the viaduct and go to the AOÇ junction of Istanbul Yolu.


According to the information given by President Gökçek about the Armored Troops Road, the Armored Troops Road, which will connect Eskişehir Road to Etimesgut, will be expanded to 35 meters. The road expansion works starting from the opposite road of the Armored Troops will continue until the location of the Air Hospital, and will consist of 3 lanes: the road and return. In order not to divide the AOÇ land, a viaduct will be made for approximately 1 km between the Level Crossing Köprülü Junction and the Istanbul Yolu Çiftlik Junction.

The foundation of the viaduct, which will be connected to Şaşmaz by passing through the railway and the Ankara stream, will be laid soon. The construction works of Armored Troops Köprülü Intersection, which is determined as the end point of the New Farm Boulevard, are also continuing rapidly. The New Farm Boulevard-Etimesgut-Eskişehir Road connection will be provided with the Köprülü Intersection Project to be made in the form of clover. The feet of the Köprülü junction, which was completed by 65 percent, were completed, the beams were placed and road connections are under construction.

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