What is Sustainable Transportation? What is Sustainable Urban Transport?

What is Sustainable Transportation What is Sustainable Urban Transportation
What is Sustainable Transportation What is Sustainable Urban Transportation

The concept of sustainability, which first appeared in the Brundtland Report, is explained in this report as follows: “It is to meet the needs of the present, while not compromising the resources that future generations will use to meet their needs, and to develop in this way.” We are usually informed by our families about saving, and we learn from them about how to spend our money properly. Today, sustainability should be a concept that must be taught for the individual. It is necessary to work on its internalization across generations and to create a culture in the field of sustainability. It is important to raise awareness and educate the individual in order to create the culture, but what to do with the cities?

With the opportunities offered by technology, we can now measure the damage we cause to the environment and nature. It is possible to see that the damage we do to the environment is high in the activities we do to meet our needs with measurements such as ecological footprint, water footprint, carbon footprint.

The increase in the social and economic activities of the people in the cities that are growing without slowing down brings the population increase. The transportation demand of this increasing population is increasing in direct proportion to the population. Especially in crowded communities, public transportation vehicles, which are constantly used, cause heavy traffic. In addition to the psychological and physical negative effects of heavy traffic on human health, it also has an economic impact. We are causing irreversible damage to the environment we live in with the unconsciously increasing population and this transportation system that we have established. As a result of these damages, we risk the lives of future generations.

What is Sustainable Transportation?

The subject of research and development, in which the concept of sustainability focuses on transportation with its social, environmental and climatic effects, is called sustainable transportation. It covers the vehicles used for land, water and air transport and the energy sources they use to assess sustainability. The sustainability of transportation is measured on the efficiency and efficiency of the transportation system, as well as the ecological environment and climate effects of the system.

What is Sustainable Urban Transport?

Sustainable urban transportation can be defined as “to meet the daily mobility needs of the city residents by supporting the economic development of the city and protecting and promoting social development and justice without threatening the people and the city's ecosystem today and in the future”. Sustainable urban transportation examines issues such as the rate of increase in the number of motor vehicles, urban air pollution, road safety, transportation needs of low-income groups, and transportation needs of the elderly and disabled people.

Sustainable Transport Examples

There are some policies implemented by cities for sustainable transportation. The main purpose of these policies is to ensure the widespread use of public transportation and non-motorized transportation vehicles, and consists of practices, actions and regulations for public transportation systems such as buses, metrobus and rail systems, and non-motorized transportation types such as walking and cycling.

Precautions to be taken to minimize the damage caused by traffic to the environment

Preferring public transportation vehicles, which are among the things you can do to reduce your per capita carbon footprint, walking to places within walking distance, and choosing bicycle transportation more frequently are among the measures that can be taken personally.

It is important to not start the vehicle during stopping and waiting while driving, and to wait by turning off the ignition in case of traffic congestion.

Exhaust gas emission measurement, maintenance and repair inspections of vehicles should be done on time. Care should be taken to use clean fuel. Installing a catalytic converter in gasoline vehicles greatly prevents harmful gases released by the car into the air.

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