Ro-Ro Expeditions Continue From Ünyeport

Ro Ro Expeditions Launch from Unyeport
Ro-Ro Expeditions Continue From Ünyeport

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Ro-Ro flights continue from Ünyeport, where the first shipment was made last month after the enlargement works, which Mehmet Hilmi Güler attaches great importance to. Vegetables and fruits produced in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, especially in the Aegean Region, are sent to Russia.

Ünyeport, which was taken into maintenance and enlarged by the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality due to its berth length and depth being unsuitable for the entrance of high-tonnage ships, started to host Ro-Ro ships with high tonnage and carrying wheeled vehicles such as truck transportation after the works. The Ro-Ro ship docked at the port for the second shipment from the port where the first shipment was made last month. The Ro-Ro ship, which will take its cargo from Ordu, will export a total of 32 containers to Tuhapse port of Russia. All preparations have been made for the shipment, which will take approximately 17 hours.

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