Poorly Cleaned Teeth Source of Infection

Teeth That Are Not Cleaned Well A Source Of Infection
Poorly Cleaned Teeth Source of Infection

Making a statement within the scope of "Oral and Dental Health Week", which is celebrated in our country between November 21 - 27 in order to contribute to the awareness of the society on oral and dental health, Orthodontist Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökmen Kurt said that the structures of the teeth and jaws may be the harbinger of some diseases and said, “Orthodontic treatments are of great importance in terms of improving general health.” said.

21 - 27 November "Oral and Dental Health Week" is celebrated in our country in order to contribute to the awareness of the society about oral and dental health and to contribute to oral care habits.

For the protection of oral and dental health, it is of great importance to make oral and dental care a habit. Orthodontist Prof. Dr. Emphasizing the importance of orthodontic controls and treatments, Gökmen Kurt said, “We may think that we brush our teeth very well, but since we do not all have the same tooth and saliva structure, some of us may be more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. For this reason, periodic dental check-ups are very important.” said.

Drawing attention to the problems that can be caused by orthodontic problems, Prof. Dr. Kurt said, “Although dental crowding is perceived as an aesthetic problem, dental caries and gum diseases may occur due to insufficient cleaning of the teeth and the surfaces between the teeth in the areas where there is crowding. Caries and gingival diseases that occur in poorly cleaned teeth are a source of infection, even if it is local. However, some irregularities in the structure of the teeth and especially the jaw carry the risk of causing dysfunction in the jaw joint. Incorrect closure of the teeth and incorrect positioning of the jaws can cause pressure on the jaw joint, causing pain, joint sounds and diseases up to limited mouth opening. he said.

“Tooth and jaw structures can be a harbinger of some diseases”

Stating that the teeth and jaw structures may be the harbinger of some diseases, Prof. Dr. Kurt said, “Disorders in our teeth and jaws can actually be a harbinger and indicator of respiratory problems. Patients with lower jaws or gaps between their teeth should receive orthodontic treatment. Due to these irregularities, our patients who cannot breathe regularly during sleep may have respiratory diseases during sleep such as snoring and apnea, which is also known as cessation of breathing for a short time. Upper jaw stenosis, problems in the position of the lower or upper jaw, some factors in the respiratory tract are very risky, and it is very important to evaluate the clinical situation by a specialist orthodontist. said.

“Orthodontic treatments are of great importance in terms of improving general health”

Stating that it is important to obtain an ideal tooth sequence and tooth closure to protect oral health and jaw joint in order to prevent such health problems, Prof. Dr. Kurt said, “Ideal tooth occlusion not only ensures proper alignment of the teeth, but also better bite, chewing, and correct breathing and speaking with the mouth. For this reason, orthodontic treatments are of great importance not only for the patient's self-confidence, but also for the improvement of general health.” made its assessment.

“Technological solutions offer patients much more comfortable treatment opportunities”

prof. Dr. Referring to the new solutions that have emerged thanks to technology in orthodontic treatments, Kurt said: “Technology in all areas of dentistry now offers great convenience for both physicians and patients. In the field of orthodontics, technology makes itself felt more and more every day. It is necessary to plan a treatment by evaluating the teeth of each patient, the harmony of the teeth with the face, and all the functions that occur in the mouth one by one. Thanks to modern solutions such as computed tomography, computerized analysis methods, and three-dimensional intraoral digital scanning devices, patients can be offered much more comfortable treatment opportunities. In addition to all these, orthodontic problems in the teeth can be corrected with highly aesthetic devices with the transparent plaque method. Orthodontic problems are simulated in computer programs and a set of clear plaques prepared according to these simulations are applied to the patients. The biggest advantage in the treatment with transparent plaques is that the plaques are almost invisible. With these aspects, orthodontic treatments with transparent aligners are effective in maintaining general health as well as dental health, while minimizing aesthetic anxiety in patients.”

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