How Many Months Should Periodic Dental Control Be Performed?

Periodic External Inspection Should Be Done Once Every Month
How Many Months Should Periodic Dental Control Be Performed?

📩 06/12/2022 09:00

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital Dentist Sırma Karaer warned during the 21-27 November Oral and Dental Health Week, which is celebrated to contribute to the public's awareness of oral and dental health. Karaer said, “You need to have periodic dental check-ups every 6 months. Do not neglect your check-ups by saying that I have no pain, I do not have a problem.

A warning came from İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital during the "Oral and Dental Health Week" celebrated between 21st and 27th of November. Eşrefpaşa Hospital Dentist Sırma Karaer, who stated that it is of great importance to make oral and dental care a habit for the protection of oral and dental health, said, “We may think that we brush our teeth very well, but since we do not all have the same tooth and saliva structure, some of us are more prone to dental caries and gum diseases. may be too much. For this reason, you should definitely have a dental checkup with a periodic dentist every 6 months. Do not neglect your controls by saying that I have no pain, I do not have a problem. We can get ahead of things early during the control. We can save problematic teeth without going to extraction or root canal treatment.

Dental stones trigger heart diseases, immune resistance

The dentist, who said that if oral care is not done effectively, will cause gum problems, "We can think of the gums as the roots of a tree. In the absence of effective care, bacteria that cannot be removed within 72 hours can turn into dental calculus. The formed tartar also causes bacteria to adhere more easily, no matter how much you brush your teeth. Tartar also causes gum recession where it stops. Receding gums is also a situation we do not want to encounter. Bone losses, teeth begin to wobble, and this leads to tooth loss. In addition to heart diseases, tartar in the mouth even triggers immune (immune) resistance.

Do not think that milk teeth are temporary! Holds space for permanent teeth

Emphasizing that the habit of brushing teeth should be gained in children as early as possible, brushing should start from the moment the first milk tooth appears in the mouth. “Families sometimes neglect their children's teeth by thinking, 'The milk tooth is falling out somehow.' Please do not make this mistake. Decayed milk teeth cause pain during feeding and related malnutrition in the child says this dentist in Harrisburg. At the same time, it cannot do the job of holding a place for the permanent teeth that will come from behind. This situation may invite space constraints that may occur in the future. This is why we can experience tooth loss at an early age. These losses not only negatively affect the development of the jaw, but also cause closure disorders and a disorder in the joint that connects the jaw to the bones on the sides of the skull.

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