89 Targets Destroyed, 184 Terrorists Neutralized in Operation Claw-Sword

Target Destroyed in Pence Kilic Operation Terrorist Neutralized
89 Targets Destroyed, 184 Terrorists Neutralized in Operation Claw-Sword

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar went to the Land Forces Command with Chief of General Staff General Yaşar Güler, Air Force Commander General Atilla Gülan and Naval Forces Commander Admiral Ercüment Tatlıoğlu.

Welcomed by the Land Forces Commander General Musa Avsever, Minister Akar descended to the Operations Center with the TAF Command Level accompanying him.

Minister Akar, who was briefed by the commanders of the troops on the border line, on the attacks carried out by the terrorist organization PKK / YPG on the border line, the activities of the troops and the latest situation in the field, gave instructions.

Minister Akar stated that with Operation Claw-Sword, targets in Kandil, Asos, Hakurk in the north of Iraq and Arap Spring, Manbiç, Zor Cave region, Tel Rıfat, Cizire and Derik regions in the north of Syria were hit, and added that in the first stage of the operation, terrorists' shelters, shelters, caves, tunnels and He stated that 89 targets, including warehouses, were destroyed.

Pointing out that inveterate terrorists targeted civilians, children and schools in Öncüpınar and Karkamış, Minister Akar said, “Terrorists once again showed their baseness to the whole world. Thereupon, all known targets were hit with the fire support vehicles of our Land Forces Command and the planes of our Air Forces Command, and they continue to be hit.” he said.

Noting that the activities were carried out within the scope of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's instructions to "destroy terrorism at its source", Minister Akar said, "The terrorists who could not stand against the Mehmetçi made despicable attempts. They are in panic and fear. We will continue to do what is necessary to perpetuate the collapse of the terrorist organization." made the statement.

“Houses of strife and mischief, inside and outside, that aid and abet the lowly, still protect and watch over terrorists.” Expressing his reaction with his statement, Minister Akar emphasized that the Mehmetçik has done what needs to be done in the fight against terrorism and will continue to do so in the future. Expressing that the terrorist organization is in a great collapse, Minister Akar said:

“We say that now is the time for reckoning. Along with what they did before, we will hold them accountable for all the negligence they committed in Beyoğlu last week and today in Öncüpınar and Karkamış, the border line. They will pay for it. We will continue to demand an account of the blood of our martyrs and citizens. Since the beginning of Operation Claw-Sword, 184 terrorists have been neutralized by ground fire support vehicles and aircraft.

We expect this number to increase even more. Our struggle will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized. In order to save our country and our nation from this scourge of terrorism, we will do what needs to be done against the bloody, baby-killing terrorists without reducing the pressure, with the understanding of 'if we die, we become a veteran'. The Turkish Armed Forces shows the sensitivity that no army shows in order not to harm civilians, the environment, historical, cultural and religious structures both in the planning and execution of activities. The Turkish army will do whatever needs to be done in line with all these sensitivities.”

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