ESHOT's 2023 Expenses Will Increase by 192 Percent

ESHOT's Expenses Will Increase Percent
ESHOT's 2023 Expenses Will Increase by 192 Percent

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council accepted the 2023 Fiscal Year Performance Program and Budget Draft of the General Directorate of ESHOT, the city's public transportation locomotive. ESHOT, which will accelerate investments in 2023, has an income budget of 4 billion 300 million 800 thousand TL, while its expenditure budget has been accepted as 192 billion 5 million TL, increasing by 321 percent compared to the previous year due to increasing costs.

The sixth meeting of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's November assembly meeting was held under the management of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu. The 2023 Fiscal Year Performance Program and the Budget Draft of the ESHOT General Directorate were approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council with a majority of votes. ESHOT's estimated revenue budget for 2023 was accepted as 4 billion 300 million 800 thousand TL, and its expenditure budget was 5 billion 321 million TL. The financing of the deficit surplus was 1 billion 20 million 200 thousand TL. It is predicted that the expenditure budget for 2023, which draws attention to the great increase in fuel expenses and costs, will increase by 192 percent compared to the previous year.

Fuel oil increased by 3 percent in 281 years

Speaking on behalf of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Group about the ESHOT 2023 Budget, CHP Assembly Member Raşit Dirim gave information about the activities of ESHOT. Dirim said, “ESHOT's 2023 budget has been prepared by expanding the issues that the institution has to tackle during and after the pandemic. While the liter price of diesel was 2019 liras and 6 kurus in 29, today it has increased by 281 percent to 23 liras and 95 kurus. The inflation experienced in our country caused an increase of 200% to 500% in many areas such as electricity and spare parts. The costs of ESHOT are also increasing. When we look at the revenue data of such an important institution that carries 48 percent of public transportation in İzmir, while the institution had an average monthly income of 2019 TL in 100, 186 TL expenses, today it has an expense of 100 TL for each 408 TL income. While the main management authority in UKOME should have been the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the change made in the central administration regulation, the will of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality passed to the bureaucrats appointed by the central administration. Since 2019, fuel prices have increased 60 times. In this process, the public transportation schedule could only be updated twice due to UKOME's blocking.

“The letter of borrowing from the Ministry has not been answered yet”

Reminding the borrowing request sent by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in order to purchase electric buses and reduce the increasing burden of ESHOT, Dirim said, “The borrowing request letter of ESHOT, which was sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on April 1, 2022, with the signature of our Bronze President, has reached today. not answered until now. There should be no practices that financially wear down the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and ESHOT.”

ESHOT's route to 2023

ESHOT General Directorate, the flagship of transportation in Izmir, will continue its development process with new projects in 2023. Among the 2023 targets, apart from providing public transportation service, the prominent service titles are as follows;

• Purchase of 100 electric buses and 58 midibuses
• Establishment of new solar power plants (GES)
• Integration of five districts into the İZTAŞIT Project
• Construction of 200 new bus stops
• Increasing the number of female drivers to 170 with new recruitments
• Establishment of Planning Optimization System
• Development of rapid transportation systems (Express and Transit Line)
• Improvement of physical structures of existing workshops, garages and facilities
• Establishment of new facilities in Bornova and Buca
• Increasing the number of Quality Management Systems to 5
• Completion of the Strategic Human Resources Management System
• Demand Sensitive Public Transport
• Preparation of Law Proposal for Subsidizing Public Transportation Service Institutions
• Establishment of Telemetry System for Improving Corporate Business/Decision Making Processes with Digital Data Received from the Bus

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