Eren Blockade Autumn Winter 15 Operation Started

Eren Blockade Autumn Winter Operation Started
Eren Blockade Autumn Winter 15 Operation Started

"Eren Blockade Autumn-Winter-15 (Gabar Mountain) Martyr J.Uzm.Çvş. Fatih Berkay AKGÜN” Operation was launched.

In the operation carried out by Şırnak Çakırsöğüt Gendarmerie Commando Brigade Command, Şırnak and Siirt Provincial Gendarmerie Commands under the coordination of Şırnak Gendarmerie Regional Command; 755 personnel and 57 operational teams, consisting of Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JÖH) and Security Guard Teams, are on duty.

On the first day of the operation; Based on point intelligence, 8 caves and 2 shelters found in the field search and scanning activity carried out in the Gabar Mountain region;

  • 1 RPG-7 rocket launcher ammunition,
  • 1 mortar ammunition,
  • 3 ball ammunition,
  • 30 rifle ammunition,
  • Bone fragments considered to belong to 2 terrorists,
  • 1 pair of binoculars,
  • 1 backpack,
  • 1 sleeping bags,
  • 22 pieces of various clothing materials were seized. The seized materials were destroyed and the caves and shelters were rendered unusable.

With Eren Blockade Operations, Narco Terror is Rooted Out


Within the scope of the Eren Blockade Autumn Winter-3 operation carried out in Diyarbakır Lice countryside, 542 kilograms of powdered and herbal cannabis were seized.

Diyarbakir Provincial Gendarmerie Command; Eren Blockade Autumn Winter-3 Martyr J.Uzm.Çvş. Within the scope of Uğur KARTAL-97 operation, in the land search and scanning activity in the rural areas of Lice district;

  • 490 kg. powder cannabis,
  • 52 kg. Herbal cannabis was seized and the terrorist organization was prevented from financing.

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