'Prayer Shirts' Exhibition Opened in Gaziantep

Dual Shirts Exhibition Opened in Gaziantep
'Prayer Shirts' Exhibition Opened in Gaziantep

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and Culture Inc. The Dual Shirts exhibition was opened in cooperation with

Illumination artist Ayşe Vanlıoğlu and calligrapher Dr. The shirts, in which verses and prayers are written in Cel-i Sülüs, Kufic and Rik'a styles, by the artists who came together under the coordination of Mehmet Vanlıoğlu, are exhibited in the old Synagogue building.

The exhibition will be open to visitors between 25:30 and 11.00:16.00 on XNUMX-XNUMX November.

In addition to geometric shapes on the shirts and meaningful motifs such as Kaademi happiness, the seal of Süleyman, Zülfikar and Tulip, many motifs of Islamic arts on the shirts that the Ottoman sultans wore for many reasons such as winning war, being protected from dangers and finding healing, i There are sharifs and suras.

The exhibition, which includes replicas of sultan's shirts, Kaside-i Bürde Shirts and special design shirts, was exhibited abroad in Japan, Germany, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was opened to the public in Erzurum, Ankara, Kars, Bursa, Mardin and Kayseri in Turkey. .

Exhibition owner Calligrapher Dr. In his opening speech, Mehmet Vanlıoğlu stated that although the prayer shirts have aspects that preserve their mystery, they are extremely important in terms of shedding light on the culture, belief and spirit structure of the history and glorious ancestors, and said, “Besides the fact that shirts are cultural ambassadors, they have a unique importance in terms of art and aesthetics. It is a historical document in terms of revealing the social and cultural life of the period, which shows the level reached in the art of calligraphy and illumination with the writing and ornaments on the shirts. In addition to the belief that it protects the people it wears from the evil eye and all kinds of diseases and heals various diseases, it also performs an important function in terms of providing comfort and motivation to those who wear it as an underwear, making them feel safer. This type of shirts are available in all societies in various formats and shapes, because people are created weak, they want to take shelter in a safe harbor in case of danger," he said.

Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Muhittin Özbay said, "If we are looking for a future, we must embrace our past and see that future," and continued with the following words: "Anecdotes were written next to the shirt: 'Before Islam, after Islam, Seljuk, Ottoman,' we come to this date. We are a nation that survives with prayers and is nourished by prayers. We always say that we are the children of that nation; May Allah hide from evil eye. God bless you. May Allah give you good health. We have always set out with prayers so that our glorious flag will always remain in the sky, and those prayers will always be in our hearts.”

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