Preparations Continue for Bozüyük Logistics Center Project

Preparations for Bozuyuk Logistics Center Project Continue
Preparations Continue for Bozüyük Logistics Center Project

📩 22/11/2022 12:33

AK Party Bilecik Deputy Selim Yağcı visited Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and Industry to congratulate the new Directors.

During the visit, which was attended by Ak Party District Chairman Hüsnü Ersoy and District Party members, Bozüyük Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly President Mehmet Doğan Tunç, Chairman of the Board Veli Çelik, Vice Chairman of the Board İbrahim Bağ, Treasurer of the Board of Directors Adem Öner, Members of the Board of Directors Zafer Akkaya, Mustafa Bektaş and Harun Karagöz, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Ekrem Tetik, Member of the Assembly TOBB Delegate Hasan Öksüz, Member of the Assembly Clerk Berna Akdemir Çelik, Member of the Assembly Ali Osman Şahin and Secretary General of the Chamber Bedri Öztürk.

Bilecik Member of Parliament Selim Yağcı wished success to all friends in the newly formed Professional Committees, Parliament and Board of Directors by sincerely congratulating the colleagues who took office as a result of the fact that the Chamber Organ Elections process was in a very competitive environment, and that there was an enthusiasm in the air of general elections in our city.

During the visit, mainly the Customs Directorate and Logistics Village, which our district follows closely, and what needs to be done were discussed.

Mr. Yagci, Member of Parliament; He stated that our city is the apple of the eye of our Region with its Geopolitical location and Existing Industrial Investments, and in this sense, they are making great efforts to implement the Logistics Center Project and the establishment of the Customs Directorate as soon as possible, especially as a late project.

In this sense, he gave the good news that the tender phase for the remaining part of the Logistics Center Project will be completed and the construction will begin rapidly in 2023.

Deputy Yağcı said that our President has been working for our country day and night, very big projects have been implemented in our country, that our country will experience much better developments with the year 2023, and in this sense, the High Speed ​​Train, the State Hospital, the New Dental Hospital and many other projects have been brought to our district.

He also mentioned that the Export Potential of our Region is much higher and that this should be determined with clearer figures, and the importance of making the latest situation assessments of idle enterprises such as Toprak Holding Firms and bringing them into the economy as soon as possible.

He also said that it is important to address the growth areas in terms of housing construction in the city as soon as possible, to create new areas for infrastructure industrialization and especially for small industrial sites, and to develop growth areas for SMEs.

Parliament Speaker Mehmet Doğan Tunç; He thanked Bilecik Deputy Selim Yağcı for his visit and stated that the implementation of the Logistics Center Project would first turn our city into a center of attraction.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Veli Celik; Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, he said, “The election is over, from now on, it is time for unity and solidarity, it is time to work, produce and develop Bozüyük together, me and our friends started our work with this excitement, we are ready to take any kind of sacrifice from our Deputy in this process. We demand valuable contributions, opinions, suggestions and support, we will act together with all NGOs, we are ready to take the responsibility not only with our hands, but also with our whole body.

During the negotiations, Veli Çelik discussed the needs of intermediate staff, employment needs and also our work on Bozüyük Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which is our Project School, and asked for support regarding the laboratory need of our School.


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