Accidental Dog Reconnected to Life

The Dog That Had an Accident Reconnected to Life
Accidental Dog Reconnected to Life

The stray dog, which had an accident and was injured in Izmit, was treated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and brought back to life. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which cares about the welfare of stray animals and carries out activities in this sense, provides all the conditions for the treatment of our friends on the street. The stray dog, who was brought to Patilik Mutlu Stray Animals Town and found to have a severe fracture in its hind leg as a result of the examinations carried out by veterinarians, underwent a successful operation and recovered. prof. Dr. Under the supervision of Hakan Salcı, a plate was attached to the foot of the stray dog, whose blood test and x-ray were taken by specialist physicians.

The stray dog, which had an accident and was injured in Izmit, was first taken to a private veterinary clinic by the citizen. He was told by the private veterinary clinic that the general condition of the stray dog ​​was very bad and it was stated that he needed to be put to sleep. However, the conscience of the citizen did not help and brought the stray dog ​​to Patilik Stray Animals Town as a last hope. As a result of the emergency response, the stray dog ​​came to life.

Stating that the stray dog, who was also treated with medication after the surgical operation, would be kept under observation for 1 week, the authorities said, “The stray dog, which was brought to the town of Patilik Mutlu Stray Animals and had a broken right leg, recovered after a successful operation. When he was first brought to the patriarchate, his vital data were very low, the 6-month-old kangal stray dog ​​came to life again in Patilik.

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