Was Antalya Earthquake? How Severe is the Antalya Earthquake?

Was Antalya Earthquake How Severe Was Antalya Earthquake

According to the information transferred from AFAD; According to Kandilli Observatory data, an earthquake with a magnitude of 00.29 occurred at 3.5:6.2 in Antalya's Döşemealtı district. Severe shaking was felt in the surrounding provinces as well. It is known that the ground was XNUMX kilometers deep in the earthquake that took place.

As the earthquake reality showed us its sad face once again, the same question came to everyone's mind: Why do major earthquakes occur mostly at night? Although not scientific, experts give the answer to this question within a certain framework. Under the influence of the Sun's gravitational pull, the night part of the Earth is under great pressure, while the day part is loose. For this reason, it is estimated that earthquakes are generally at night and they cannot withstand excessive pressure and break. Physicists also state that earthquakes are likely to occur during solar and lunar eclipses, as the gravitational force increases too much.

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