'Turkey-Kazakhstan Brotherhood Monument' Opened in Bagcilar

Turkey Kazakhstan Brotherhood Monument Opened in Bagcilar
'Turkey-Kazakhstan Brotherhood Monument' Opened in Bagcilar

On the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Kazakhs, who were forced to immigrate from their homeland, in Turkey, the Turkey - Kazakhstan Brotherhood Monument was opened in the garden of Bağcılar Municipality Hasan Nail Canat Information House and Cultural Center. Events were held in Bağcılar on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the settlement of Kazakhs who migrated from Altai to Anatolia.

The first address of the events was the 15 July Neighborhood in Bağcılar, where the Kazakhs mostly live. To the program; Kazakhstan Ankara Ambassador Yerkebulan Sapiyev, Bağcılar Mayor Abdullah Özdemir, Kazakhstan Istanbul Consul General Alim Bayel and Kazakh citizens attended.

“Our Kazakh citizens add color to our district”

Mayor of Bağcılar Abdullah Özdemir stated that they realize the 70th anniversary of Kazakhs living in Turkey after a tough struggle, and said, “Our citizens, whose numbers exceeded 120 thousand in the adventure that started with 10 families in Bağcılar, add color to our district. In this geography of our heart, we have accomplished many works that are the sign of the Turkish Kazakh brotherhood. As Bağcılar Municipality, we are a municipality that has taken important steps to ensure that our ancient fraternity and unity will always continue.”

Özdemir, who was given a painting as a gift, was dressed in Kazakh local clothes.

“Only brothers do this”

Ambassador Sapiyev said, “Today is a historical event for the two brotherly countries. Our blood relatives were brought to Anatolia 70 years ago. Our Anatolian brothers opened their arms and accepted our blood relatives as brothers. Only siblings do this. This is a symbol of our unity. Our brothers formed a strong bridge between Kazakhstan and Turkey today.” he said.

On the front of the monument, between the branches and leaves of the plane tree, there is the flag of Turkey and Kazakhstan, and on the back, there is the history describing the migration. On the other hand, Kazakh artists gave a mini dombra concert.

The second address of the event was Bağcılar Municipality service building. The guests, who came together here, watched the symposium given by the academicians on Kazakh migration and the political, cultural and social structure of Kazakhstan in the conference hall.

The documentary film “Kazakh Migration from Altai to Anatolia with a Longing for Freedom” was also screened in the hall. The guests also visited the exhibition titled “70th Anniversary From Atayurt to Homeland”, which tells about Kazakh migration.

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