Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to Recruit 31 Assistant Experts

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

In order to be employed in the central organization of our Ministry, within the framework of the Civil Servants Law No. 657 and the Regulation on Transport and Communication Expertise and Maritime Expertise, with an oral exam, 8 (twenty-three) Assistant Transportation and Communication Experts at the 9th and 23th degrees in the general administration services class and 8 ( eight) Personnel will be recruited for the Assistant Maritime Expert staff, and the branch of education, the number of staff, the number of people who can take the exam, the KPSS score type, KPSS score and Foreign Language Exam (YDS) base score are given in the table in the link below.

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1) To meet the general conditions in subparagraph (A) of the first paragraph of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2) To graduate from the relevant branches of education specified in the table above, from universities that offer at least four years of undergraduate education or from domestic or foreign education institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the Council of Higher Education,

3) To have received at least 2021 points from the type of score specified in the table above in the Public Personnel Selection Exam held by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) Presidency in 2022 or 80,

4) To have at least the same level of valid Foreign Language Exam (YDS) score or language proficiency specified in the table above, and to have another internationally valid document accepted by OSYM (YÖKDİL will not be accepted.),

5) To be under the age of thirty-five as of the first day of January 2023, when the exam will be held.


1) Candidates can apply by logging in with their e-Government passwords through the Presidential Human Resources Office Career Gate ( between 28.11.2022 and 27.12.2022. Applications made in person or by mail will not be accepted.

2) Candidates will have only 1 (one) application right.

3) The graduation information and KPSS and Foreign Language Exam (YDS) results of the candidates who will apply will be transferred through the YÖK and ÖSYM system. They are required to upload their valid language proficiency documents to the system in pdf or jpeg format.

4) Candidates who have graduated from educational institutions in Turkey or abroad and who have an equivalence regarding the educational status sought in this announcement should upload their documents showing equivalence in pdf or jpeg format to the "Document Indicating Equivalence" field instead of diploma or graduation certificate.

5) One passport size photograph. (The passport photo to be uploaded to the system during the application must be taken from the front with the face fully visible in the last 6 months and must be of such a quality that the candidate can be easily recognized.)

6) Candidates will scan their handwritten CVs and upload them to the relevant section on the Career Gate (

7) Candidates who apply are responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and in accordance with the issues specified in this announcement, and uploading the requested documents to the system at the application stage. Candidates who do not comply with these issues will not be able to claim any rights.

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