'Cast-Trap-Hold the Earthquake Moment' Exercise Will Be Held Throughout the Country and in the TRNC

An Earthquake Sudden Lock Hold Drill Will Be Held Across the Country and in the TRNC
'Collapse-Trap-Hold the Earthquake Moment' Exercise Will Be Held Throughout the Country and in the TRNC

Yunus Sezer, Head of Disaster and Emergency Management of the Ministry of Interior (AFAD), held an information meeting at the Presidency of AFAD before the exercise to be held throughout the country in the 23rd year of the Düzce Earthquake.

Reminding that the Düzce Earthquake took place on 17 November 1999, before the wounds of the 12 August 1999 earthquake were healed, AFAD President Sezer stated that an average of 1143 thousand earthquake measurements were made annually with 24 earthquake observation stations in Turkey.

Stating that there have been 17 thousand earthquakes so far this year alone and that there are 485 active faults in Turkey, AFAD President Sezer said, “There is a potential to produce and be affected by earthquakes of 5 and above in almost every region in our region.” said.

To be held throughout the country and in the TRNC

Yunus Sezer, President of AFAD, announced that they reached more than 2020 million people by declaring 2021 as the "Year of Disaster Preparedness" and 56 as the "Year of Disaster Education". Reminding that they declared this year as the "Year of Disaster Drills", he stated that they aim to carry out 54.302 exercises, and they exceeded this target with 67 local, 17 regional, 66.202 exercises.

AFAD President Sezer stated that the "Collapse-Trap-Tut Exercise" will be held across the country on November 9, 2022 in all dormitories affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the exercise will be held across the country and in the TRNC on November 12 at 18.57:XNUMX. .

An Information System to Make Announcements on Television and Radio will be put into use

Stating that they commissioned the HAY System in the Trabzon/Vakfıkebir Flood and Early Warning Exercise on June 2, 2022, Mr. Caesar said:

“Again, as a first, on November 12, we will activate the information system, where announcements will be made over television and radio channels. We will carry out our exercise under the chairmanship of our Minister, at the AFAD Presidency Building, in 81 provinces under the coordination of our Governors and District Governors, and simultaneously in the TRNC. Turkey Disaster Response Plan (TAMP) will be activated within this scope, and the highest level representatives of disaster groups will gather at our AFAD Presidency headquarters. We will make live connections from the provinces of Düzce, İstanbul, İzmir, Elazığ, Kahramanmaraş and Erzurum, as well as the TRNC, and we will transmit live images from the areas where our governors are located in 81 provinces.”

Stating that Media Platform Areas will be prepared for members of the press in AFAD Presidency Headquarters and in Düzce, İzmir and İstanbul, earthquake experts and trainers will be in AFAD Presidency Headquarters and in the provinces. Sezer said that Istanbul and Bursa disaster training centers will be open all day long for media organizations that want to broadcast.

AFAD President Sezer stated that Mobile Earthquake Simulation Vehicles will also take an active role in the provinces and noted that public spots will be broadcast through social media and television channels, and posters and brochures will be used in the print media to promote the exercise and raise awareness.

Stating that they invited all students to participate in the exercise with their families at the time of the exercise, AFAD President Sezer said that the Religious Affairs Directorate will include the subject of disasters in the Friday sermon on November 11 and an announcement of the drill will be made.

Explaining that Provincial AFAD Directorates and AFAD volunteers will also participate in the exercise, AFAD President Yunus Sezer said, “Our local administrators in the provinces will do the collapse-snap-hold movement together with our citizens at the time of the exercise.” gave the information.

AFAD President Sezer stated that exhibitions made of vehicles and materials used in disasters will be opened in 81 provinces if the weather conditions are suitable.

AFAD President Yunus Sezer said, “We will send an Information SMS and Vital Alert Notification from the Information Retrieval and Dissemination System in order to announce the start of the exercise to our citizens. In the text of the warning message, it is 'AFAD Exercise notification. At the moment, the Earthquake Moment, Crash-Trap-Hold Drill is being held all over the country.' will write.” he said.

Noting that there will be voice notifications from the announcement systems of the municipalities and the mosques connected to the central prayer system, AFAD President Yunus Sezer said, “We will automatically broadcast the information announcement regarding the exercise on TRT radio broadcasts. On other private television channels, we will broadcast the drill warning message with guidance.” said.

AFAD President Sezer stated that the Civil Defense Warning-Alarm Siren and Emergency Vehicle Sirens will not be used in order to avoid any negative situation.

AFAD President Sezer also noted that after the end of the exercise, prayers will be read in 81 provinces and TRNC for those who lost their lives both in the Düzce Earthquake and in all other disasters.

Stating that the hashtag “#ÇökKapanTutun” will be used for the social media posts regarding the exercise, AFAD President Yunus Sezer said, “Children, young, old, worker, civil servant and student are among all our citizens where they are, at the safest point, at 18.57:XNUMX by performing the collapse-snap-hold gesture, We expect them to share the videos they will shoot on social media with this hashtag if they see fit.” said.

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