Don't Have a Hair Transplantation Nightmare

don't have a hair transplant nightmare
don't have a hair transplant nightmare

Hair Transplant Coordinator Engin Sönmez gave information about the subject. Underlining that hair transplantation operations should be performed by experienced people, Hairesthetic Turkey Hair transplantation coordinator Engin Sönmez warned the citizens about the mistakes made in hair transplantation.

Improperly Applied Hair Transplant

I would like to underline that the wrong operations in hair transplantation should be performed by experienced doctors. It is one of the most common mistakes made in hair transplantation applications by doctors or people who are not experts in their jobs and are not experienced in hair transplantation operations.

If the hair is not planted with proper planning, separations occur between the roots or the hair may overlap each other and cause a bad and fluffy appearance. It is a faulty procedure that the hair is not planted at the right angles in the hair transplantation process. it occurs. Hair transplantation should be done with zero error, otherwise it will cause bad results. Another important point is that you should be very careful during the removal of hair follicles. The hair follicles must be taken without damage and transplanted without any damage. Damage to the hair follicles paves the way for no more hair growth in that area, which is an undesirable situation. Because if the hair with the risk of shedding is ignored and the patient's nape capacity is limited, there is no possibility of correction.

There is no compensation for the mistake made

Due to the increasing demand for hair transplantation, many organizations that try to perform this procedure at very cheap prices in extremely unhealthy environments, which are not suitable for the surgical environment, continue to open up like an avalanche. Unfortunately, these places opened under the name of hair transplantation centers cause great problems only in pursuit of commercial gain. Hair transplants performed in such places cause irreparable harm to the person. After the problems that the patients have experienced, they cannot find someone to deal with because the people who do the planting are not doctors. Hair transplant operations should be performed in an extremely hygienic manner in operating room conditions in hospitals, otherwise the person may become infected. It can get various diseases. The scalp and hair follicles may be damaged or even lose all their hair.

The hair follicles taken from the back of the head slightly above the nape area between the two ears should not be damaged. If the hair follicles are not taken proportionally and the hair transplantation is not done skillfully, there is a high probability that your existing hair will be completely lost.

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