The First Focus Group Meeting of the BEST For Energy Project was Held

The first focus group meeting of the best for energy project was held
The first focus group meeting of the best for energy project was held

The first focus group meeting of the “BEST For Energy” Project was held with the theme of “Izmir's Clean Energy Potential and Future Trends” between 1:2021 - 14:00 on Thursday, April 17, 00.

A total of 26 people, including companies producing equipment and services in the field of wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydrogenenergy, investors, non-governmental organizations, academicians and industry experts, attended the meeting.
The general session of the meeting started with the opening speech made by Izmir Development Agency Investment Support Office Coordinator Murat Çelik. In his speech, Mr. Çelik stated that as a result of the project carried out with the perspectives of clustering and smart specialization, it was aimed to transform İzmir and its surroundings into a region specialized in clean energy and clean technologies. BEST For Energy Project; He said that it is one of the important projects for İzmir Development Agency, which operates in order to develop pioneering, original and exemplary projects on the basis of green and blue growth approaches.

In the meeting, by BEST For Energy Project Team Leader Ekin Taşkın; A presentation summarizing the aims, objectives and activities of the project was made.

Later, the participants were divided into four groups: wind, solar, biomass and geothermal, according to their expertise and interests. Future trends that will affect the sector, rival regions and countries, strengths and weaknesses compared to competitors, opportunities and threats in front of the sector were evaluated.

İzmir is one of the prominent provinces in the clean energy sector with its geographical location, ecological structure, human capital and development. İzmir has important geothermal resources, agricultural and animal outputs that will sustainably meet the raw material needs of the biomass sector, and high solar and wind energy potential. However, when these sectors are evaluated separately, it is seen that the wind energy sector stands out in İzmir. A consensus was reached by all the participants of the Focus Group Meeting to further increase the success achieved with regard to the wind and to spread it to other sub-sectors.

12 Focus Group Meetings will be held

Focus Group Meetings, in which in-depth, detailed and multidimensional qualitative information is obtained about the perspectives, experiences, thoughts, perceptions and attitudes of the participants on a determined topic, is aimed to be held 12 times within the scope of the BEST For Energy Project.

Focus Group Meetings, which will be attended by sector representatives and experts determined according to thematic titles, will provide important inputs for the current situation analysis of the clean energy and clean technology sector and the preparation of the sector strategy.

The first 6 of these will be made within the scope of current situation analysis studies of the clean energy sector. This meeting, held with the theme of "Clean Energy Potential of Izmir and Future Trends"; 5 meetings to be held on the themes of the clean energy ecosystem in İzmir, the need for human resources of the sector, potential projects for the development of the sector, services required by the sector and sectoral transformation will follow.

Rapid adaptation to the COVID - 19 process

BEST For Energy Project; It includes many activities such as company meetings, business meetings, meetings, workshops, trainings and conferences that take place with the gathering of participants. Covidien - 19 process, and Izmir as well, which will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the clean energy sector in Turkey BEST FOR Energy Project, a rapid adaptation by establishing the necessary digital infrastructure. The project kick-off event, meetings, company and stakeholder meetings, and finally the Focus Group Meeting were held online. By using several applications together in the Focus Group Meeting, the environment where all participants will provide maximum communication and information sharing as in face-to-face events has been provided on the online platform.

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