The First General Meeting of the Customs Bonded Warehouse Operators Association was Held

The first general meeting of the customs warehouse operators association was held.
The first general meeting of the customs warehouse operators association was held.

Customs Bonded Warehouse Operators Association'S (GAID), The first Ordinary General Assembly meeting after its establishment was held. At the General Assembly Cavit Değirmenci, Founding President of GAID, again Chairman of the Board chosen.

Having started its activities on July 27, 2020 and carried out successful works in the public and private sectors in its first period, GAID'of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Değirmencistated that they will continue to carry out transparent, reliable and sustainable studies with their team in the new period with the aim of becoming a leading sector organization.

GAIDExpressing that by creating an environment of discussion and exchange of views in common professional problems and producing solutions, Miller, “By increasing the contact opportunities between individuals and organizations providing warehouse and temporary storage services, we conduct scientific and market researches on issues that are useful or mandatory in the common professional activities of the members of the sector. In order to benefit the national economy, we minimize the waste of resources and increase our efficiency. In order to compile and defend the opinions of the members in joint statements, we contact private and official persons, institutions and organizations on behalf of the members and increase the representation competence and make necessary notifications and suggestions. he spoke.


Cavit miller will continue to work under the leadership of GAID Board of Directors It consisted of the following names:

Osman Gokhan Iskender (Vice President), Ismail Yasar (Vice President), Ahmet Dilik (Vice President), Murat Doğan (Vice President), Selcuk Yilmaz (Secretary General), Contact Hasan directly (Treasurer / Financial Affairs), Nuri Jewelery (Principal Member), Burak Sanli (Principal Member), Nurcan Ozyazici Sunay (Principal Member), Cem Elmasoglu (Principal Member), Lion Fighting  (Principal Member), Onur Atabek (Principal Member), Halil Unlu (Principal Member), Erkan Basboga (Principal Member), Erdal Yılmaz hasn't been active on Medium yet. (Principal Member), Hasan Özgür Yarmali  (Principal Member), Hakan Club (Principal Member), Ercüment Aydin (Principal Member), Firat Gur (Principal Member), Burak Ates (Principal Member),Vahit Kirkan  (Alternate Member), Ibrahim Gecir (Alternate Member), Hakan Cildir (Alternate Member), Emre Beyazit Andic (Alternate Member), Murat Melih Uzel (Alternate Member), Citation Five (Chairman of the Disciplinary Board), MarekPusic (Deputy Chairman of the Disciplinary Board), Serkan Sezer (Disciplinary Board Full Member), Ozgur Senyurt (Disciplinary Board Member Substitute), Murat Serhat Özbaş hasn't been active on Medium yet. (Disciplinary Board Member Substitute), Ercan Kulaksiz (Disciplinary Board Member Substitute), Halil Gunal (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Murat Ozturk (Supervisory Board Full Member), Murat Akkaya (Supervisory Board Full Member), Ibrahim Lobut (Substitute Supervisory Board Member), Bulent Kaysıli (Substitute Supervisory Board Member), Fulya Kilinc Celebrities (Substitute Supervisory Board Member), Esen Yagci (Member of the High Advisory Board), Ayhan Turan hasn't been active on Medium yet. (Member of the High Advisory Board), Halil Yılmaz hasn't been active on Medium yet. (Member of the High Advisory Board), Mehmet Aslan  (Member of the High Advisory Board), Erol Aksoy (Member of the High Advisory Board), Suleyman Dolgun (Member of the High Advisory Board).

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