Service Quality in Cargo Deliveries Makes Consumers Happy

Quality of service in cargo deliveries makes consumers happy
Quality of service in cargo deliveries makes consumers happy

The difficult process still continues in the shipping industry, which went through a difficult process with the pandemic period announced after the Kovid-19 epidemic, which affected the world and our country. E-commerce has a driving force in this process where consumers have acquired new shopping habits. This increase has also caused a density in the cargo sector.

Metin Kocael, General Manager of Sürat Cargo, stated that people's shopping behaviors have changed and online shopping has increased rapidly within the scope of pandemic measures and said, “In this period, our priority was to protect the health of our employees and customers. We continued to provide uninterrupted service in order not to disrupt the vital supply chain by taking all the measures. We crowned this effort as the first cargo company to receive TVRM Covid-19 certification. Commercially, we closed the year 2020 with a growth rate of 34 percent compared to the previous year. We were able to respond to the expectation by increasing our delivery performance, which decreased due to the sudden intensity that occurred during the pandemic, in the last quarter of the year with the measures we took and the investments we made. ''

`` We Reached 2021 Percent Net Delivery Performance at the End of the First Quarter of 94 ''

Referring to the growth rates in 2021, Kocael said, “We set our growth target for 2021 as 65 percent and our growth rate in the first quarter was 75 percent. Thanks to our increased delivery performance and improved customer approach, we have achieved significant increases in our number of customers, and despite this increase, we are proud to have achieved a significant increase in our service quality. At the end of the first quarter of 2021, we reached 94 percent net delivery performance. maintain and further develop this level for Turkey's all over, we continue to work with all our might, '' he said.

`` Our Number of Complaints Decreased by 62.5 Percent ''

Finally, Kocael, who conveyed the services they have done against the increasing intensity during the pandemic process, said: “Starting from the last quarter of 2020, our service quality and customer satisfaction are increasing rapidly. With the increase in the quality of the service we provide, the number of complaints decreased by 62.5 percent, and our customer appreciation rate increased by 75 percent. I would like to emphasize that in terms of customer satisfaction and performance, Sürat Cargo is at a very different level compared to the first quarter of last year. We look forward to our customers trying this new and highly successful level. ''

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