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When we talk about the Middle Eastern countries from Iran, which Iran is a country with a land border with Turkey. The Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman are located in the south of the country, while the Caspian Sea is located in the north. Countries with land borders to Iran include countries such as Armenia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Iran is a commercially important country. At the same time the standard shipping procedures are carried out between Iran and Turkey. We can perform Roro transportation by sea from some ports in Gulf countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Yemen.

Turkey and Iran held between the shipping process should be completed some permits and certificates. Completion of these permits and documents required for international transportation is among the responsibilities of shipping companies. Iran transport Sayginlar Nakliyat, serving in the field of kazanIt manages the process in the most accurate way by completing the necessary permits and documents in line with the knowledge and experience it has.

Vehicles Used For Iranian Transportation

Special transportation vehicles are used in Tehran transportation operations. Thanks to the transportation vehicle used, the goods or freight are delivered to the shipping address very easily. Necessary safety precautions are taken in vehicles during transportation. In this way, customers do not suffer any material or moral damage, and possible accidents and losses are overcome with the lowest losses. Vehicles of different capacities are used in transportation operations. Trucks are generally used for transportation between the two countries. Many advantages are offered to customers in the transportation process with trucks.

In the transportation process between the two countries, customers are concerned about prices. Different prices are offered to the customer in the transportation process with the truck. Iran truck prices varies. The main reasons for the change in prices are:

  • Goods or cargo status to be transported
  • The width and suitability of the truck used in the transportation process
  • The team in charge of the transport process
  • Stacking of the products to be transported

Different trucks are used in the transportation process. The most suitable truck for the goods or freight is selected and transported. As the truck width increases, the prices increase. The increase in the width of the truck means the increase of the goods or load to be transported. In case of an increase in goods and loads, the number of employees in charge of transportation also increases.

Partial Transportation in Iran Shipping Operations

Iran shipping In transactions, all goods are transported as well as piece goods transportation. In all goods transportation, vehicles serve for a single customer. In piece goods transportation, vehicles serve for more than one customer. Using tools for multiple customers is often a concern.

From our Istanbul / Samandra Warehouse, Tehran Partial shippingAdditional cargo from cities such as Ankara, Mersin, customs clearance. Customs are opened in Bazargan. We deliver to unloading addresses.

Customers may be concerned about the safety of their belongings. Saygınlar Nakliyat has specially planned vehicles to be used by more than one customer to avoid any concerns. Items placed in the vehicle are placed piece by piece. Necessary security measures are taken for each item. In this way Iran partial transportation is carried out with more affordable prices and high reliability.

The Importance of Time in Iran Shipping Operations

Every customer wants the transportation process to be completed in a short time. It is considered impossible to complete the transportation process in a short time, the prices are affordable, and no problems arise in the transportation process. However, Saygınlar Nakliyat evaluates the time correctly thanks to its professional team. Thanks to the correct plan and program in Iranian transportation operations, the necessary procedures are carried out with care. Security measures are taken in the transportation operations that take place in a short time. Professional transport operations are completed on time. Realized in the correct and affordable price range Iranian frigo operations provide close to 100% customer satisfaction.

The company, which is open to development, chooses the right vehicle for every customer among a wide variety of vehicles and completes the transportation process with the right team. Turkey - customers in Tabriz between the actual migration will not encounter any problems. Even the simplest crisis that may occur is solved by the team. The team, which successfully manages crisis management in the transportation sector, provides reliable and guaranteed services in the Iranian transportation field.

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