Ministry of Justice to Recruit 160 Prison Clerk

Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice

📩 11/11/2021 22:44

The personnel recruitment announcement of the Ministry of Justice was published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the candidates who will apply for the exam must be at least a secondary school graduate and have received at least 2020 points from the 70 KPSS. Paragraph (A) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, Article 2802 of the Law No. 114 on Judges and Prosecutors, Article 2 of the Presidential Decree No. 11 on General Staff and Procedure, Ministry of Justice Regulation on Examination, Appointment and Transfer according to its provisions; In accordance with the appointment permit given in the appendix of the Presidential decision dated 20 and numbered 2020/2020 amending the appendix of the Presidential decision dated February 60, 24.03.2020 and numbered 2020/104, to the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade staff, their place in the ANNEX-2 list, their number, For penitentiary institutions whose titles and qualifications are specified, 160 permanent staff clerks will be recruited.

Application date

Applications will start on Monday, 18.01.2021 and end at the end of working hours (05.02.2021:16) on Friday, 00.

Place and method of application

Candidates will be able to take the oral exam and the practical exam by filling out the Annex-1 application form, which will be obtained from the presidency of the justice commission or the Ministry's website, and the original or notarized copy of the education certificate and the exam result document, or a copy approved by the chairmanship of the commission, together with the latest application day. They will apply to the presidency of the justice commission (examination center) or the justice commission of the first instance court of any judicial jurisdiction until the end of the exam. In addition, candidates who are exempt from military service for any reason are required to attach a medical report or a paid military service certificate to their application form.

Applications made to any authority other than the presidencies of the justice commission of the first instance court will not be accepted. Again, applications made to the presidencies of the justice commission by mail or cargo will not be accepted.

The application will be registered by selecting the exam number defined by the judicial court of first instance justice commission (exam center), which will perform the exam from the exam partner role through UYAP by the judicial commission of the first instance court that receives the application. Then the documents regarding the applications; on the same day, the cost will be taken from the person concerned, and the judicial jurisdiction will be sent to the first instance court justice commission (test center) on the same day.

Candidates will only be able to apply for an examination held by the head of the judicial commission of the first instance court. In case of applying to the same or a different commission, all applications made will be deemed invalid, even if those who took the exam in this way have won, the placement procedures will not be made.

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