Heater KazanControls of Pressure Vessels and Pressure Vessels Should Not Be Neglected

kazan and the controls of pressure vessels should not be neglected
kazan and the controls of pressure vessels should not be neglected

The heater started to be used in the winter months kazanof different types used in utilities and industrial facilities. kazanA press release was made regarding the reminder of the relevant legal regulations for occupational safety rules to prevent occupational accidents, regarding pressure vessels such as pressure vessels such as expansion tanks and hydrophore.

Not operated by trained personnel, periodic tests and controls kazanThe safety risk of explosions and work accidents of pressure vessels and pressure vessels should not be ignored.

In these days when the winter season is starting to make itself felt rapidly, the hot water (heater) used in central heating systems kazanare also engaged. used in industrial facilities kazanused in residential and service buildings for heating purposes such as kazanIt is a legal requirement to carry out periodic tests and controls at least once a year for pressure vessels and pressure vessels such as hydrophore. On the other hand this kazanyours, kazan It must be operated by personnel trained according to its type. Not operated by trained personnel, periodic tests and controls kazanThe safety risk of explosions and work accidents of pressure vessels and pressure vessels should not be ignored.

The "Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment", which was issued pursuant to the "Occupational Health and Safety Law" numbered 6331 and entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 25.04.2013 and numbered 28628, the minimum requirements to be followed in terms of health and safety related to the use of work equipment in workplaces has determined. The aforementioned regulation; In short, any machine, tool, facility and installation used to perform the work, which is defined as work equipment, should be carried out by authorized persons in accordance with the intervals stipulated in the regulation and in accordance with the methods specified, to record the control results and to be shown whenever the authorities request. hiding it under provision.


For the prevention of fatal occupational accidents that we see in newspaper headlines every year. kazanPeriodic controls of pressure vessels and other pressure vessels, such as expansion tanks, hydrophores, air tanks, boilers, autoclaves, which have pressure above 0,5bar, should be carried out at least once a year, unless specified in the relevant standard.

In periodic controls, kazanControls and hydrostatic tests of safety valves and opening tests of safety valves should be carried out in terms of occupational safety and worker health of pressure vessels and pressure vessels. It is also recommended that the safety valves be sealed in such a way that the opening, closing and leakage acceptance tests are performed separately.

By using appropriate non-destructive testing methods in the risk assessment of pressure vessels or if pressure testing cannot be performed; thickness, corrosion and welding controls should be done.


As TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, our experienced staff working in our Branches and Representatives has been carrying out periodic control services as an accredited A-type inspection body with great care for years, keeping public safety in the foreground.

We remind you once again that Industrial Establishments and Site Managers who do not have periodic checks, which are mandatory by law, are taking great risks.


Article 11 of the same Regulation “Employees in charge of using the employer's work equipment are provided with training on the risks that may arise from their use and ways to avoid them.” contains the phrase. Pursuant to this article kazanof the personnel responsible for the operation of kazan by type Kazan The operator should attend their training.

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers is a professional organization in the nature of a public institution established in 135 according to the law of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) no. In accordance with the founding law, it organizes and certifies trainings in order to "organize and certify trainings in cooperation with relevant organizations when necessary to train technical personnel at all levels in matters related to their profession".

Steam by MMO Kocaeli Branch kazanhot water kazanhot oil kazanand hot water (heater) kazanIndustry carried out for the personnel operating the KazanAdvanced Management training is organized within the scope of the Health and Safety Conditions Regulation in the Use of Work Equipment and the MMO Main Regulation. A Course Participation Certificate is issued to the successful participants at the end of the training. The theoretical subjects in these trainings are supported by the practical lessons on the units in our Applied Training Center. Organizing these trainings in our Branch center and Applied training center in Izmit provides great convenience for Industrialists and Site Managers in Kocaeli, Gebze, Sakarya and Bolu.

Periodic Controls and Industry Kazan Industrial Organizations and Site Management Officials who want to get information about Business Administration Training can contact our Branch and Representation employees by phone 0 262 324 69 33 or using the e-mail address: kokeli.kontrol@mmo.org.tr. It is announced to the press and the public.

Chamber of Mechanical Engineers
Head of Kocaeli Branch

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