In the Next 5 Years, Technological Infrastructure Is Designed From The Beginning

Technological infrastructure is designed from scratch in next year
Technological infrastructure is designed from scratch in next year

Noting that digital change and transformation has gained speed with the pandemic, Mehmet Önder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Düzensoft Bilgi Sistemleri ve Teknolojileri AŞ, said: “With the developments in technology, digital change and transformation gained speed. In the next 5 years, the technological infrastructure is being redesigned. There is competition and competition between America and China in the world, especially on who will make 5G technologies. "Countries will be evaluating one of the countries such as America, China, Japan or Finland in 5G technology."

"Stay Home with EGD" sohbetMehmet Önder, Chairman of the Board of UYUITSoft Information Systems and Technologies Inc. Moderated by veteran journalists Celal Toprak and Ahmet Coşkunaydın on Kanal Economy television, the broadcast was asked about “how technology shapes our life and the impact of pandemic on digital life” to Uygunsoft President Mehmet Önder.

Education in the pandemic was online / remote, there was a problem of "socializing"

The first question was about online / distance education. Stating that children started online / distance education with the pandemic, UYTsoft President Mehmet Önder emphasized that the problem of “socialization” emerged in children during this period. Stating that children can learn many lessons through videos and listen to the lessons on the subjects they want, whenever they want, Mehmet Önder, the President of UYTsoft, continued his speech as follows: “Children got used to online / distance education during the pandemic process. However, there is also a socialization aspect of this process, which is currently experiencing serious difficulties. This process needs to be remodeled in the upcoming period. Because, online / distance education will continue in the future. Here, it is necessary to redesign the platforms where children can socialize, fictions where they can make joint projects, common life / joint struggle. As a matter of fact, it is easy to access content on any subject online today and it is possible to listen to it retrospectively over and over again. While this is happening, the need for socialization of children should also be modeled ”.

Green Economy with E-Document

Noting that serious progress has been made in e-Document (e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Waybill, e-SMM etc.) applications in recent years, Chairman of UYUMO, Mehmet Önder, said: “Since the early 2000s, Successful work is achieved in transformation. At the point we have reached today, over 320 thousand taxpayer businesses have entered the e-Invoice process. Again, as many freelancers like lawyers and pharmacists, they started to use e-SMM. The works we have successfully implemented in the e-Document application have become a part of the Green Economy. "While the cutting of thousands of trees was prevented, speed, efficiency and savings were achieved in the business processes of taxpayer enterprises at the same time."

Harmonysoft increases the number of business partners

In its 24th year, Uygunsoft AŞ, the innovation leader of our country, provides end-to-end digital transformation of more than 30 thousand domestic and global customers. In Kalpsoft's product family; Enterprise Resource Planning compliance ERP (cloud, mobile), Customer Relationship Management compliance CRM (cloud, mobile), Human Resources Management compliance HRM (cloud, mobile), e-Document e-compliance (e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-SMM, e-Ledger, e-Waybill and all other e-Documents) applications, Commercial Package Software, ekoTicari (SME's ERP), ekoHR, ekoSMMM (Financial Advisor Software), ekoCari (Pre-Accounting Commercial Package Program), My Bank Balance There are more than 30 software products including, UYUM, YEDEK, OCTAPOT. Explaining that UYUMsoft provides service with 250 employees and 350 business partners, Mr. Mehmet Önder, the President of UYP, stated that the number of business partners will reach 1000 in the near future and added that these ecosystem-based works mean growth in our country's technology.



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