Botox for Persistent Headaches!

Persistent Pain
Persistent Pain

Hisar Hospital Intercontinental Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information on the subject.

Chronic headache is one of the common reasons that disrupts people's quality of life, business and family life, it is more common in women. It is inherited, triggered by stress. Among the reasons that cause headache, sinusitis diseases, migraine, intra-brain vascular and tumor structures are the most common causes. Current treatment methods are a good alternative for headache that does not pass despite the appropriate period of medication and treatment.

Botulinum toxin A injection, which has been applied in our country since 2011, is a new technique applied in the preventive treatment of migraine and other chronic headaches.

If chronic migraine is a headache that lasts longer than three months and occurs 15 days or more per month, and if this headache character is associated with migraine, if attacks cannot be prevented despite regular medication use, botox treatment is activated.

Botox treatment for chronic headache has many advantages, 80% reduction has been achieved in the number and severity of attacks. The mechanism of action of Botox blocks the occurrence of pain by preventing it in areas where muscles contract and stimulate the sensation of pain. This flesh effect of botox has been found incidentally, this effect of botox was discovered when it was found that patients with chronic headaches and who had botox on their facial muscles had less attacks.
It is sufficient to use 100 to 200 units of Botox in each session. It is sufficient to apply it in small doses to the forehead area around the eyes, the nape of the spine, the two lateral areas and the temple area. However, pain points may differ from person to person. After a good pain assessment and determination of the focus, targeted botox application provides 6 months protection. It can be applied to all age groups. Botox is also applied in the treatment of muscle spasms that cause jaw problems such as teeth clenching teeth grinding.

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