Castrol and Ford Neutralize 5 Million Liters of Carbon in 83 Years

Castrol and Ford Neutralize Million Liters of Carbon Emissions per Year
Castrol and Ford Neutralize Million Liters of Carbon Emissions per Year

The collaboration of Castrol and Ford for more than a century is reinforced with innovative products specially developed for passenger cars and heavy vehicles.

The products developed with co-engineering provide longer engine life, more fuel savings and less carbon emission. With the carbon neutralization program, 5 million liters of carbon emissions have been neutralized in 83 years. This figure is equal to the amount of carbon emissions produced by approximately 15 thousand gasoline vehicles that travel 20 thousand km each year.

Over a century of strong international cooperation between the mineral oil giant Castrol and the world's leading automotive company Ford puts the priorities of its consumers at the center. Drivers using products developed within the framework of long-term and comprehensive cooperation; They both achieve the best performance their vehicles can offer, save fuel and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Castrol and Ford's joint engineering study of the results in many new technologies and environmentally friendly products, underlining that contribute to the development Castrol Turkey, Ukraine and Central Asia director Asli competent Karakul "Castrol and Ford globally to support the fuel economy we have developed with joint engineering efforts, carbon neutral Our certified Castrol MAGNATEC products are in our portfolio. These products, which are the result of co-engineering, are offered to passenger and commercial vehicle users both as a first fill oil and in services. We continue our efforts to benefit both sustainability and our users with the cooperation we have made from production to the first filling lines and then to after sales. " said.

Özgür Yücetürk, Ford Otosan Deputy General Manager Responsible for Sales, Marketing and Service, said: “As part of the global cooperation between Ford and Castrol for more than a century, engineers of two companies are working to produce the most suitable oil for our vehicles. "Oils developed as a result of these collaborations increase the performance and efficiency of Ford vehicles".

83 million liters of carbon emissions neutralized

Developed specifically for Ford vehicles and used as the first filling oil, Castrol mineral oils have neutralized 2015 million liters of carbon emissions since the beginning of 83 with the carbon neutralization program carried out by Castrol. This number; It is equivalent to the amount of carbon emissions produced by approximately 15 thousand gasoline powered vehicles that make an average of 20 thousand km each year.

Cooperation continues in motorsports

The two giant brands have been demonstrating their leadership in the fields of motor sports since 2006. Trails wind blows in the Castrol Ford Team Turkey had brought the first European Rally Championship in Turkey in 2015. 2019 14th time in Turkey Rally Championship Teams 'and Constructors' Championship winning team in 2020 season is taking place in Marmaris, Turkey Rally of the first two legs "Two Wheel Drive" and "Youth" has finished the race as the leader in the category. start area Castrol Ford Team Turkey with young drivers this year, delayed per 2021 Turkey Rally Championship this season, he wants to continue its success in the remaining foot.



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