Smart Intersection Applications in Bursa Will Relieve Traffic!

traffic will be relieved in Bursa
traffic will be relieved in Bursa

In order to eliminate the traffic problem of Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has increased the smart intersection and underground sensor applications at the peak points of the city, has come to an end with its arrangements at the intersection of Hancı and Kavaklı streets. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works on site, said that with the last investment made, the traffic peaking in the Organized Industrial Zone with 1050 Houses in the morning and evening will be relieved.

In-asphalt sensor application

The traffic in Bursa breathes with the investments made by the Metropolitan Municipality. On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, continuing its expansion activities in the existing bridge intersections, on the other hand, melting the density of vehicles with alternative roads, intensified the applications of smart intersections and asphalt sensors by taking advantage of the restriction days. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has come to the tender stage for the tunnel to be built on Hayran Caddesi, has come to an end in the investment planned for the combination of Hancı Street and Kavaklı Street. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the works carried out by the teams of the Department of Transportation on site and made statements about the investment that will transport Bursa residents to their families safely and quickly.

Restrictions became an opportunity

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that, with the restriction days, they gained speed in the activities aimed at making transportation in Bursa more streamlined. Stating that in this sense, citizens have the opportunity to stay at home, Mayor Aktaş reminded that they left 3 years behind in studies on smart intersection applications. Stating that they opened the key points of the city one by one with smart intersections and sensor arrangements in this process, they brought relief to the traffic in this way, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that they are at the tender stage in the tunnel work that will connect Hayran Avenue to the main road.

Capacity increases by 30 percent

Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that with the activity carried out in the junction area at the junction of Hancı Street and Kavaklı Street, the island was removed and the junction exit branches were expanded. Stating that with the help of sensors laid under the asphalt in the smart intersection application, the green periods change according to the vehicle density, Mayor Aktaş said, “In this way, the capacity of the intersection will increase by 30 percent. In this way, the problem of traffic density in the region during the peak hours will be solved ”.

1.5 million TL cost

Mayor Aktaş stated that within the scope of the works, one thousand 328 tons of asphalt, 4 thousand cubic meters of excavation-filling and traffic signalization production have been completed. Emphasizing that the manufacturing of 20 square meters of paving stone, one thousand 36 meters of curbstone, 105 cubic meters of concrete, 600 cubic meters of excavation-filling and traffic marking continues, Mayor Aktaş said, “When the investment ends, we will have spent approximately 1.5 million TL. Good luck to our scholarship already, ”he said.



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