Scientists Find 176 Traces of Dinosaurs 99 Million Years Ago in Tibet

scientists found traces of dinosaurs from million years ago in Tibet
scientists found traces of dinosaurs from million years ago in Tibet

An international scientific team announced that they found a series of dinosaur footprints in the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwestern China.

The team of Chinese, American and German scientists found 99 footprints near the region's city of Qamdo.

In the article published in the scientific journal Historical Biology, it is stated that the size of the dinosaur footprints ranged from 22 cm to 99,3 cm. These are thought to belong to the Jurassic age between 161 million and 176 million years, that is, small, medium and large sauropods during the dinosaur era.

Scientists estimate that the dinosaur species in question were about 5 meters, 10 meters and 22 meters tall, from small to large. Xing Lida, an associate professor at the University of Earth Sciences of China and one of the team's lead researchers, told Xinhua that these traces would further enrich the data on dinosaurs in Qamdo.

Xing pointed out that the place with great traces constitutes a kind of tourist attraction. Because the residents of this region believe that the traces of the sauropod in question were left by a mythological warrior named Gesar. This belief has undoubtedly helped protect the footprints meticulously. There is also a giant sauropod sculpture that will attract dinosaur enthusiasts in the place where the footprints are found. Between 2017 and 19, research teams from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Earth Sciences made discoveries in the region, finding numerous footprints and gathering their data in detail.

Source: China International Radio

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