Additional Cost of Pandemic to Private Security Sector Exceeds 10 Million Lira

The additional cost of the pandemic to the private security sector exceeded million lira
The additional cost of the pandemic to the private security sector exceeded million lira

Private Security Companies spent the most on personal protection equipment such as masks and visors for the health of their employees.

Private Security Companies, which are members of GÜSOD (Security Services Organization Union Association), the biggest association of the Private Security Sector; It was learned that the hygiene expenditures they made for their employees due to the PANDEMIC exceeded approximately 6.2 million TL.

Chairman of the Board of GÜSOD, Levent GÜLER; "" It became the Turkish position that the 10 largest private security company is a Non-Governmental Organizations under the same roof, we represent 60 percent of the private security sector with our employees over 20 thousand in this context. Considering the entire Private Security Sector, the expenditures made for the personal protection of the employees have exceeded 10 Million Turkish Liras. Private Security Companies had to cover almost all of these expenses from our own budget and could not reflect them to the customers. In addition to this, Private Security Companies are having hard times due to working with low profit margins and prolonged collection periods; "This was a serious blow for our industry."

Drawing attention to the fact that one of the works that does not stop and should not stop during the PANDEMY is Private Security Services, GÜLER said, “Our request is that our customers take these costs into consideration while renewing our 2021 contracts. Currently, there are 210 thousand Private Security Officers in the sector, 120 thousand of which are private and 330 thousand of them in the public sector. We are among the sectors that create the most employment. Most of our employees work with minimum wage and benefit from the minimum living allowance. Supporting the sector is also important for the welfare of our employees ”.

GÜSOD Member Private Security Companies spent the most spending 71% on personal protection materials such as masks and visors, and 9% on disinfectants. 20% of the expenditures consisted of PCR tests and other expenses. The member companies of GÜSOD; For the first six months of 2021, which preserves uncertainty, the forecasted expenditure amount is expected to be around 5 million TL.

Levent GÜLER, “While many of us are trying to stay in our homes and be protected, the Private Security Officers; They continue to work in shifts to protect factories, banks, airports, seaports operations, hospitals, organizations and other critical facilities. Although all the necessary precautions were taken, they were exposed to the risk and continue to be at the forefront. I would like to thank the Private Security Sector employees, who are always at their job in a selfless manner ”.

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