URAYSİM Rail Systems Test Center is Eskişehir's Prestige Project!

Uraysim rail systems test center project is the national case of Eskisehir
Uraysim rail systems test center project is the national case of Eskisehir

Ramazan Uysal, Head of Eskişehir Branch of the Railroad-İş Union, stated that the investments related to rail systems are the right of Eskişehir and said, “These are Eskişehir's national cause, we need to protect it. Saying no will be plagued, the missed opportunity will not come back.

Uysal stated that although the Rail Systems Test Center project has started, many cities insistently want to take it away and own it. Pointing out that the project is important for Eskişehir, Demiryol-İş Union Eskişehir Branch President Ramazan Uysal said: kazanIt is a visionary project. Rail Systems Research Center, Rail Systems Test Center (URAYSİM), Rail Systems Infrastructure Production Center, Rail Systems Industry Zone is Eskişehir's right, it is a national cause, we must protect it. Eskişehir is the city of Railway and Railways. It has trained manpower and strong infrastructure. The railroad city of Eskişehir has 125 years of experience in this field. There is a great value with good knowledge like Tulomsaş (Eskişehir TÜRAŞAŞ). I am sure that it will make great contributions to the sector in this regard with its managers, engineers and artisans trained in their profession, we need to trust ourselves and our people. We have serious costs in foreign currency, we should not give our resources abroad.”


Stating that the Rail Systems Test Center is a project desired to be owned by other cities, Mayor Uysal said, “Although the Rail Systems Test Center project has started, many cities insist on taking it from our hands and own it. For these projects, great efforts and efforts have been made to the Eskişehir Rail Systems cluster. It is known that the rail systems cluster will make great contributions in the future. Alpu has a wide station area on the railway route close to the city center. It provides many advantages in terms of investment and production costs. In addition, it is known that we have low-yield lands, whether the hills in the future where the Alpu Test Center is located, whether it is the slopes of the skirts of Bozdağ. If necessary, the mountain should be carved into it, if necessary, it should be made on its top. We must produce solutions, not obstacles. Rail fogs are environmentally friendly vehicles that do not consume fossil fuels. We need to produce rail systems as tram, subway, conventional train and high-speed train. Such a Rail Systems cannot be said no to the industrial center. Those who say no will be under the blame. The missed opportunity does not come back. It is a vision that will shed light on Eskişehir's future ”.

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