Psoriasis Does Not Only Affect The Skin

psoriasis does not only affect the skin
psoriasis does not only affect the skin

Among the most common skin disorders in the World and Turkey 'Psoriasis' causes many health problems with it.

The most important of these is the 'Psoriasis Rheumatism' caused by this problem involving the joints. Romatem Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital Rheumatology Specialist Dr. Tuğrul Mert Kıvanç said, “This problem is a long-term situation that can worsen gradually. If not intervened early, there is a risk that the joints will be permanently damaged or deformed and surgery may be required. Since it is an autoimmune disorder, we need to pay more attention in this sensitive period we live in, "he said.

Psoriasis, which causes scaly red and white spots on the skin, is caused by the body's immune system getting too fast to attack the skin. This disease can cause psoriatic arthritis, or psoriasis rheumatism, by involving the joints in some people. While the symptoms of this condition, which manifests itself with painful, stiff and swollen joints, may vary from person to person, recent research reveals that persistent inflammation caused by psoriatic arthritis later causes joint damage. Therefore, early accurate diagnosis and treatment is of great importance.

The exact cause is unknown

Remarking that Psoriasis is not only a skin disease, but also an immune system disease, Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Rheumatology Specialist. Tuğrul Mert Kıvanç said, “Our body attacks the skin by seeing it as foreign. Psoriasis can come out of the skin and joint attitude. As such, rheumatic problems arise. The cause is not known exactly. Up to 40 percent of those with psoriatic arthritis have a family member with psoriasis or arthritis, suggesting that heredity may play a role. It can also be caused by an infection that activates the immune system. Psoriasis rheumatism is of 5 types. It can hit almost any part of the body. It affects small and large joints. There may also be inflammatory rheumatism. Of course, it can be similar to inflammatory rheumatism in the waist and spine, ”he said.

Pain Can Turn Your Life into a Nightmare

Emphasizing that this problem can be easily confused with other diseases, Dr. Kıvanç continued his words as follows: “The confusion that arises can also delay the treatment process. Rheumatologists who specialize in musculoskeletal disorders are very likely to make the correct diagnosis. If you've been diagnosed with psoriasis, you'll need to have a check-up at least once a year to monitor your condition. If this type of rheumatism, which manifests itself in the form of pain and swelling, is not intervened, your life may turn into a nightmare. The most frequently affected joints are; neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, fingers, knees. Joint stiffness is usually worse first thing in the morning and can last for more than 30 minutes. You may also feel harsh after resting. For most people, appropriate treatments will relieve pain, protect joints and maintain mobility. Regular physical activity helps maintain joint movement.

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