Transfer Discount in Marmaray Removed as a result of TCDD's objection

transfer in marmaray was removed by court order
transfer in marmaray was removed by court order

The transfer discount applied in Marmaray for 9 months was abolished by court decision as a result of the objection of TCDD. The new decision of IMM to continue the transfer brought to UKOME last week was rejected by the majority of the central government representatives. The new price schedule will be effective from tomorrow. However, IMM objected to the decision, the process continues.

Firstly, in 2013, the Marmaray rail system line, which started passenger transportation at 5 stations between Ayrılıkçeşmesi and Kazlıçeşme, was determined by UKOME to apply a transfer fee. Until March 2019, the transfer fee was applied in this way.

Gebze in 2019Halkalı Following the commissioning of all 43 stations, it was decided by the UKOME decision of the previous IMM administration that the Marmaray Line would "not transfer, but transfer".

With the proposal of the new IMM Administration, led by President Ekrem İmamoğlu, to UKOME in February 2020, Marmaray was included in the retransfer application. Thus, Istanbul residents were enabled to benefit from Marmaray by paying a more affordable fee with the transfer facility. The line has been integrated with the metrobus, bus and minibus line, along with all other rail system lines. With the decision taken, it was also determined that some of the density of the metrobus has shifted to the Marmaray Line.

However, as a result of the lawsuit filed by TCDD; In July 2020, it was decided to suspend the execution of the electronic ticket fee regulations that contain provisions regarding Marmaray, included in the UKOME decision. IMM immediately appealed to the Regional Administrative Court and the request for a stay of execution, whose conditions were not met, was rejected.

On November 6, the Istanbul 10th Administrative Court decided to suspend the re-execution on the grounds that "it would bring a heavy burden to TCDD and the reason for which this arrangement was made did not include concrete determinations" in reference to the lawsuit filed by TCDD. IMM carried this decision to the Regional Administrative Court and the legal process continues.

On the other hand, IMM Transportation Department; In order to provide the journeys with a single ticket and to ensure the transportation of citizens in the most economical way, the issue of continuing to receive transfer for the Marmaray line was brought to the agenda of UKOME on 26 November. However, as a result of the voting, it was decided to reject the practice of "transferring" on the Marmaray line with the votes of the representatives of the central administration, other than the IMM representatives, and the TŞOF representative.

Istanbulites traveling in Marmaray from tomorrow will pay a fee of 7,00 TL regardless of how many stops they go. On the other hand, the transfer discount will continue for journeys from Marmaray in other public transportation vehicles such as metro and bus.

With the "Transfer Receive" application that will end today, a citizen who uses Istanbulkart who makes a transfer to Marmaray, pays 3,50 TL for the metro fee after paying 3,50 TL for his journey, regardless of how many stops are on the Marmaray Line. completes with the total cost. Travel can be made for 7,00 TL cheaper.

Immediately after Marmaray was included in the transfer system, on February 19, 2020, the central government issued a change in the number of members of UKOME and the majority vote of IMM was taken away. This decision was taken to the court by IMM and the legal process is followed meticulously.


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