Covid-19 was the Most Popular News of All Time

It will be 19 year since COVID-1 entered our lives
It will be 19 year since COVID-1 entered our lives

The coronavirus epidemic, which started in Wuhan, China on December 1, 2019 and has been in our lives for almost a year, continues without reducing its impact. According to the last figure determined, the total number of people with COVID-1 in the world is 19 million 47 thousand 404.


Media monitoring agency Ajans Press has released the media report of the coronavirus. until today before March 10, the date of the first cases seen in Turkey, according to information obtained through all the media data, Covidien-19 still continues to be the most widely spoken of all time header. According to the research conducted from the digital archive of Ajans Press, the number of news published in the print media related to coronavirus was 1 million 509 thousand, 42 million 402 thousand in online channels and 1 million 947 thousand in TV channels.


According to the information obtained by Ajans Press from gisanddata "COVID-19 System Science and Engineering Center (CSSE) Global Situations" data, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the world has been updated to 47 million 404 thousand 173. When this figure is compared with October 6, it was observed that the total number of cases caught in coronavirus was 35 million 415 thousand 29 at that time. Data on increased momentarily revealed that the number of cases currently in Turkey to date is 382 118 thousand. Thus, Turkey's Covidien-19 with the number of people saving has declined 25th place in the world, countries in the first three; The United States with 9 million 382 thousand 617, India with 8 million 313 thousand 876 and Brazil with 5 million 566 thousand 49. The total number of deaths to date has been determined as 1 million 213 thousand 735.

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