Is It Mandatory To Have A First Aid Kit In The Vehicle? What Should Be in the First Aid Kit?

Is it mandatory to have a first aid kit in the vehicle? What should be in the first aid kit?
Is it mandatory to have a first aid kit in the vehicle? What should be in the first aid kit?

Is a first aid kit compulsory in the car? The question is asked by many people today. Some products must be compulsory in vehicles. Although it is compulsory, these products that are not hosted in vehicles, unfortunately, can cause some problems. First of all, you will be charged a certain amount.

If you have a first aid kit in your vehicle, the products in it must also be correct at this point. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine and your vehicle will not pass TUVTÜRK inspections. Is a first aid kit compulsory in the car? We can answer the question as ebet is mandatory.

Compulsory Products in the Vehicle Aid Bag

As mentioned above, it is mandatory to have a first aid kit in vehicles. However, there are some products in this compulsory first aid kit, which must be in a certain number. Is a first aid kit compulsory in the car? Briefly, it should be present in all motor vehicles (excluding motorcycles, tractors and motor bicycles). In general, we can express the first aid kit materials that should be in vehicles as follows:

  • 2 large bandages (Dimensions: 10 cm * 3 - 5 m)
  • 1 box of hydrophilic gas sterile (Dimensions: 10 * 10 cm in the form of a 50 box)
  • 3 triangle bandages
  • 1 antiseptic solution (Amount 50 ml)
  • 1 piece of plaster (2 cm * 5 m)
  • 10 safety pins
  • 1 small scissors (non-rusting steel type)
  • 1 esmark bandage
  • 1 turnstile (Measuring at least 50 cm)
  • 10 band-aids
  • 1 piece of aluminum burn cover
  • 2 medical gloves
  • 1pc flashlight

Is a first aid kit compulsory in the car? In general, we can answer the question with these items. Every vehicle must have a first aid kit. Because first aid kits are vitally important. Such products may be needed in any accident that may occur in traffic. If these items are not found in your vehicle, you cannot pass the inspection.

This bag is needed in order to minimize the damages in traffic accidents that occur. For this reason, it is necessary to have a first aid kit in every vehicle. According to the provisions of the Traffic Law and Regulation, if the vehicles are on the traffic, they should definitely have a first aid kit and put all the materials in the bag completely.

The Importance of the First Aid Kit

First aid kit is extremely important. This bag should be used in order to intervene immediately in any situation that occurs at the accident site. The aid kit is needed for the person to reach the first aid goals. These procedures are carried out in order to prevent or reduce deaths in traffic accidents. If a bag has been used, the products must be replaced by new ones. Otherwise, you may still encounter a traffic ticket.

The first aid kit should be available not only in vehicles but also in various places. In cases of injury, the victimization of the person is minimized.

What to Find in the First Aid Kit in the Vehicle

  • 1 automatic turnstile,
  • 1 piece of plaster,
  • 2 large bandages,
  • 3 triangle bandages,
  • 10 safety pins,
  • 1pc stainless scissors,
  • 10 band-aids,
  • 2 surgical gloves,
  • 1 can of gas compresses,
  • 1 antiseptic solution,
  • Artificial respirator mask,
  • Flashlight,
  • Whistle,
  • Burn cover,
  • Absorbent cotton.

About First Aid Bag

Is a first aid kit mandatory in the car? We can answer his question in this way. Apart from these, we can briefly express the importance of the first aid kit as follows:

  • If help is not available at the time of the accident, it can be intervened with a first aid kit.
  • If there is blood loss in the injury, blood loss can be prevented with the products in the first aid kit.
  • Thanks to the first aid kit, early intervention can be made in cases of injuries that may occur in children.
  • It can sometimes take a long time to get help by going to a clique. Or it may be very troublesome to get there. In this case, if you have a first aid kit close to you or in your vehicle, you can be treated in a short time.
  • In order not to be caught unaware of unexpected accidents, you should definitely prepare the first aid kit.

Against injuries or during injury, you should definitely prepare a relief kit by taking these situations into consideration. By complying with the criteria mentioned above, you can have first aid kits in their vehicles.

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