Kandira Village Roads Now More Comfortable

The roads of the canals are now more comfortable
The roads of the canals are now more comfortable

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, while continuing its works to ease the transportation of the city centers, does not neglect to produce projects to make the village roads more qualified and comfortable. In this context, studies on village roads throughout the city continue in the villages in the district of Kandira. Metropolitan teams, which have built an average of 2019 kilometers of village roads since 62, have facilitated the transportation of citizens.


Inter-village and intra-village roads are of great importance for the smooth transportation of citizens living in the region. Increasing the comfort of roads in the district centers with road renewal and repair works, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs is also making improvements in the roads in the villages. Attaching great importance to the transportation activities in the villages, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality constructed a 44 thousand 300 meters stabilized road in various villages of the Kandıra district. In addition to the stabilized roads, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality built 2019 kilometers of asphalt roads in Kandira villages in 18.


In the villages and on the secondary roads between the villages, mudding may occur due to rain. Considering this situation, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department provides stabilized material to some roads in various villages of Kandıra district. With the work done, mudding is prevented.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to village roads, offered many works such as asphalt, concrete roads and parquet roads on the village roads of all districts including Kandıra district. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which works on secondary roads in villages, will make asphalt paving in 2019 on a 2020 thousand 44 meter stabilized road built from September 300 to June 2020.

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