Theoretical and Applied Empathy Training for Transportation Park Drivers

theoretical and practical empathy training for ulasimpark drivers
theoretical and practical empathy training for ulasimpark drivers

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark continues to raise awareness of the driver personnel. Having a staff of 650 drivers within the structure, TransportPark added empowerment to its employees by adding a new ini Guest-Focused Service Concept B to its employees. 2 11 260 session provides training to a total XNUMX driver TransportationPark, staff both in the theoretical as well as in-bus training.

TransportationPark's whatsapp support line, call center, passenger relations units and citizens who fill the secret passenger surveys, requests and requests are forwarded. These requests and requests are examined by the officials in TransportationPark from time to time trainers are opening training. After the last examinations in Transportation Park, empathy training was given to the drivers. In the trainings, drivers were allowed to put themselves in place of the passengers traveling in their vehicles. The main goal of the trainings is to minimize the mistakes of the drivers.

TransportationPark training unit provides interactive training to drivers supported by videos. A total of 6 drivers are being made aware of different issues, including stopping at the station, talking on the phone, driving fast and harshly, driving with passengers, passenger relations, and secret passenger applications. At the end of the theoretical training, the drivers take the bus with the instructor and sit in the passenger seat instead of the driver's seat. Within the bus, the topics described in the theory are shown one by one by the instructor. In this way, drivers have the opportunity to look through the eyes of the passenger and provide the education they receive.

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