Homeland Boulevard Completed in Malatya

homeland boulevard completed in malatya
homeland boulevard completed in malatya

The second phase of the Motherland Boulevard, the construction of which was carried out by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, was also activated. The second stage work that connects Anayurt Caddesi with the junction on Sivas Road to Özsan Sanayi Sitesi breathes the traffic.

Ahmet Özer, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department Head, gave the following information about Özsan Junction:

“As is known, intersections are the points where traffic flows in different directions meet. If we direct the traffic in these areas, we facilitate access and transportation. We completed the planning, project design, infrastructure and superstructure works related to our Özsan Junction with our Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department. It is now open to traffic. Praise be to Allah, there was no problem. We believe that we have made the traffic of this region easier and more comfortable with the instruction of our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Selahattin Gürkan for the solution of the problems related to the transportation of Malatya and our work here within the framework of our strategic plan. ”

Özer stated that they have completed signaling, markings and road markings at Özsan Junction.

Anayurt Caddesi also takes the TIR cargo

Providing a significant relief to Malatya traffic, Anayurt Boulevard also includes Ötüken Junction and Kartal Junction with Smart Junctions. In the Smart Junction Application, since the superiority of the passage belongs to the vehicle at the junction, the passages are easily provided and possible accidents are prevented. Loss of life and property is prevented. In addition, since there is no need for signalization application in smart intersections, the vehicles are in motion and can pass without waiting.

As the TCDD is located next to the Logistics Center, Anayurt Boulevard allows TIRs to get out of the city without getting into the city center traffic by transporting by rail. Therefore, the city center traffic does not attract the density of the trucks. This situation provides convenience for both TIR drivers and drivers in the city center.

Anayurt Boulevard provides an important alternative access and transportation opportunity to the Railways at the bottom and the road to the ring road at the top.

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