Night Arrangement for Female Passengers in Buses from Malatya UKOME

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transport and Coordination Center (UKOME) held the last meeting of 2017.

In December, the UKOME meeting was held under the chairmanship of Ali Yıldırım, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality. Important decisions about transportation in Malatya were taken during the meeting, women travelers traveling by public transport in the evenings, 21.00 in winter, in the summer after the 22.00 hours Inonü Caddesi outside the place where they want to land at the station.

Overpass on the ring road

UKOME, which has decided to discuss the issues on the agenda, decided to build a pedestrian overpass in front of Fatma Aliye İMKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which is on the ring road and where pedestrian traffic is intense.

Special application for women

Late in the evening, a decision was made for women traveling by public transportation alone. In order to reach the places they want to go comfortably and safely, 21.00 in the winter and Xnumx hours in summer, after the winter in the places other than Duzla Street - Dede Korkut where the demand was decided to go where they want.

Great gospel for Akçadağ

A decision was taken by the UKOME, in particular to the citizens living in the rural areas of Akçadağ. UKOME visited the Akçadağ district center due to problems in rural areas, and decided to make bus services to rural neighborhoods from Akçadağ center. Buses belonging to Akçadağ Municipality, which will work only in Akçadağ center and neighborhoods, will solve the problem of transportation by citizens with the district center by entering almost all neighborhoods.

UKOME also met the ferry fees for 2018 and made a price adjustment on ferries.



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