New BMW 118i and New BMW 218i Gran Coupé Long Term Rental Opportunity

New BMW i and New BMW i Gran Coupé Long Term Rental Opportunity
New BMW i and New BMW i Gran Coupé Long Term Rental Opportunity

Borusan Otomotiv Premium presents its new sportive representative in the compact class, the new BMW 118i and the new BMW 4i Gran Coupé, which combines BMW dynamism with the 218-door coupé form that appeals to emotions.

BMW enthusiasts can rent the New BMW 118i from 5.900 TL + VAT per month and the New BMW 218i Gran Coupé with the privilege of Borusan Otomotiv Premium with the option of 6.500 months 36 km / year starting from 10.000 TL + VAT per month.

Superior grip in all conditions

The new BMW 2.4 Series, produced with more than 1 million units to date with its first and second generations, exhibits an unprecedented dynamic driving character in the compact class. The integration of all the basic driving dynamics components and control systems in BMW's genes ensures that the New BMW 118i offers superior handling in all conditions. Due to innovative driving assistance systems, camera images and data collected by radar and ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and alert the driver against hazards or to minimize the risk of accidents with proper braking and steering. While the security system within the scope of standard equipment warns the driver about the presence of bicycles, it also includes a collision and pedestrian warning system with brake function in the city.

BMW's newest representative in the compact segment

Despite its sporty coupé appearance, the 218-liter gasoline engine option in the BMW 1.5i Gran Coupé, which is one of the most remarkable models of the segment with its wide and functional living space and technological features, offers 5.2 hp power and 140 Nm with mixed fuel consumption down to 220 liters. It reaches 0 to 100 in 8.7 seconds. In all engine options, a 7-speed dual clutch Steptronic transmission is offered as standard. The BMW 218i Gran Coupé, which also includes innovative driving support systems, draws attention with its rich safety features. In addition to the Lane Departure Warning operating between 70 and 210 km / h; The Driving Assistant, including Lane Change Warning system, also features rear collision warning and cross traffic warning.

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