'July 15 Victory Photos' Are Exhibited at Istanbul Airport

july victory photos are on display at istanbul airport
july victory photos are on display at istanbul airport

Istanbul Airport hosts the exhibition, which includes pictures of victory, which tells the determination and determination of the Turkish nation on July 15.

Turkey's gateway to the world and our country aviation summit with Istanbul Airport, one of the Republic's history the darkest night July 15, 2016 night against experienced treacherous coup attempt, our nation is hosting the exhibition, where the victory photograph showing the will.

Reminding once again with photos, the Turkish nation's determination, stance and determination to respond to the hands of democracy on the night of July 15, the exhibition meets Istanbul Airport passengers within the scope of July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day.

Istanbul Airport testifies to the recent history ...

On the night of July 15, which is the biggest indicator of the will and the democracy of the Turkish nation. 'national personality'Is once again happening at Istanbul Airport with the July 15th National Unity and Draw Day Exhibition.

In addition to the 4 photos in the main exhibition area opposite the G45 Boarding Gate on the domestic departure level, there are visuals depicting July 3 within the 15 passenger bridges on the domestic terminal. On the other hand, 10 photos as photo blocks on the EU knuckle are exhibited at Istanbul Airport for 12 days.

The Victory Photos exhibition opened at Istanbul Airport 15 July Association President Mr. Tarik Sebik He evaluated: “On the night of July 15, 2016, it has been 4 years since our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan filled the squares, airports and stopped this treacherous coup attempt upon the call of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan. One of the most important goals of this betrayal attempt was undoubtedly to enforce the global projects of our country. In this sense, I see that we are organizing this event at the Istanbul airport as a very meaningful convention. By hand in hand with the nation, we both embraced our will and frustrated the tongues of global demons, and continued to realize our 2023 goals. Turkey's face flux here today a project with great success our company has been operating domestic and national remembering the souls of our martyrs and saints with HDI, both we and our excitement affirms our hopes for the future. I believe that as long as we are in such unity and solidarity, we will continue to be a hope for our geography and set an example for all oppressed nations as we take the necessary lesson from our difficulties and improve our measures. I wish our event to be instrumental in strengthening and sustaining the spirit of July 15, once again, to all our stakeholders. ”

“With the Victory Photos, we commemorate our July 15 martyrs and veterans…”

Evaluating the exhibition, which includes the photographs of victory at Istanbul Airport as part of the July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day. Samsunlu, İGA Airport Operation Chief Executive Officer and General Manager He stated: “On the night of 15 July 2016, we had one of the darkest nights of our country's history. This dark night turned into light and a national epic was written with the will put forward by our nation from 7 to 70 young people, old people, women, men. We should always keep our memories in the memories of the events of July 15, when our airport employees took to the streets together with our entire nation, and in front of the tanks without even blinking our nation to protect democracy. “July 15 National Unity and Draw Day Exhibition” we exhibited at Istanbul Airport With the night of July 15, we once again experience the heroism of our 251 martyrs and 2 gases who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Turkey turned to the edge of the cliff towards democracy and sovereignty. The determination and determination of our nation on the night of July 15 was the biggest guarantee of our bright future. Despite the shackles to hit the desired future of the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul banks in sustaining the construction of the airport, TAV, iGain partners and subcontractors continued to invest the same enthusiasm. It was very important for us to successfully finish the biggest investment of our Republic on time by not letting our future be stolen or eliminating democracy. It is not only the Istanbul Airport project; All of the long-term goals in the transportation sector could have been lost, but the Turkish nation has claimed democracy, even at the cost of life. To protect our national integrity in every aspect and indescribable us build a more powerful Turkey, where the heroic offering contributions on the occasion of the opening of this exhibition, wish God have mercy on all the martyrs who laid out by their lives for democracy altruistic, respect our veterans and I remember with gratitude. "

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