Drones Lead the Wind Energy Sector

unmanned aerial vehicles drive wind energy sector
unmanned aerial vehicles drive wind energy sector

Unmanned aerial vehicles steer the wind energy industry. Stating that drones provide great convenience in the wind energy sector, especially in the wind energy turbines maintenance and repairs during the coronavirus outbreak, Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın states that fast and safe control is applied autonomously to the wind turbine blades thanks to the 3DX ™ platform using drone technology.

The energy sector continues to fight the coronavirus outbreak. While energy production from fossil fuels decreases, energy production continues with the help of technology in wind energy where the eyes are turned. Noting that maintaining the maintenance and repairs of wind turbines in the pandemic process, drone technology is used in an even easier and safer environment, Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın, despite the global health crisis, has not been used in the maintenance and repair services provided in the wind energy sector. He states that he slept.

Drones are the Most Appropriate Service in a Crisis Environment

Continuity in energy production takes place with the progress of various processes in an order. Continuity in maintenance and repairs of wind turbines, where struggles take place especially in altitude and harsh weather conditions, has a direct impact on energy production while advancing in parallel with the technology used. Ali Aydın, who conveys the benefits of the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles that they use in harsh working environments during the global pandemic process, both in the services they provide and in the production of wind energy, Ali Aydın, thanks to the 3DX ™ platform, where thousands of wings can be tracked through a single interface during the outbreak process, He states that it was taken in the shortest time and in the most effective way, and the repair needs can be determined in an optimum time and economically repaired.

Drone Technology Makes a Difference in Wind Turbine Wing Maintenance in Pandemic Process

Wind turbine control and supervision systems also have to function functionally in the pandemic process. It is also important that the necessary inspections are carried out quickly and safely, since the length of the stopping time of a wind turbine directly affects the energy production. Stating that they have adapted the most efficient and reliable method for wind turbine maintenance, Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın explains how the 3DX ™ inspection platform, where they benefit from drone technology, is beneficial.

1. Efficiency: In the wind turbine wing maintenance process, firstly, field planning is made and autonomous flight is carried out, then the collected data are examined and reported by the wing experts and stored in the cloud system.

The 3DX ™ inspection platform enables a comprehensive inspection of the wind turbine to be completed within 1 hour. In this way, the turbine stop time is minimized and maximum energy production is supported. In this system, where an average of 700 photos are obtained, 3 wings are inspected in this period.

2. Reliability: This new technology, which does not leave blind spots on wind turbine blades with 6% scanning from 100 different angles, perceives even the smallest damages with the high resolution images it collects. 3DX ™, which creates an accurate, fast and autonomous assessment of the damage on the wings on the platform, where artificial intelligence support and drone technology come together, lists the noticeable defects according to the damage priority status. Thus, the platform, which provides data on the turbine blades on where to start the repair phase and what the degree of damage is, creates a database with reliable information for comparison and trend analysis, suitable for taking action. Keeping the database in cloud services also ensures the security and fast accessibility of the data.

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