Levent Marina Becomes İZDENİZ

levent marina got your track
levent marina got your track

The tender for Levent Marina, which is allocated to the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, was held at the marina social facilities. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate of the tender, in which 10 bids were submitted and then held by the auction method. kazanwas.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate's mooring and slipway problem, which has been going on for years, has finally been resolved. İZDENİZ awarded the Levent Marina rental tender organized by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. kazanwas.

In the tender, with a monthly price of 152 thousand TL and 10 legal entities participated, the auction started after the envelopes were opened. On behalf of İZDENİZ General Directorate, the General Secretary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Buğra Gökçe made the proposals. At the end of the 15th round, İZDENİZ rented Levent Marina for five years with a monthly bid of 480 thousand TL. Officials of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation stated that the official result will be announced within a few days and the contract will be signed.

Soyer: It will also be a center of attraction

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer expressed his satisfaction with the solution of the mooring and dock area problem of Izmir's ships. Emphasizing that the leasing was made from the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, Soyer said, “We are proud that we will also contribute to our army in this way. We will change the face of the region that has been idle for years. Here, our city will become a brand new center of attraction and education, with the social, sportive and academic facilities that we will both meet the needs of our İZDENİZ business. kazanit will hurt,” he said.

Why is it important for İzmir?

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was looking for a place to connect İZDENİZ ships for a long time. Applications previously made to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the allocation of Bostanlı and İnciraltı fishermen shelters did not yield positive results, as the fishermen could not be accommodated. İZDENİZ ships cannot be repaired or maintained in İzmir since there is no mooring or shrinkage in the Gulf; He had to go to Istanbul every time. Especially in stormy weather, they cannot connect to the piers to avoid hitting each other; they were waiting openly. All of this created significant extra costs. There are still 15 catamarans, 4 ferries and a Bergama ferry in the İZDENİZ fleet. In addition, 5 Turyol boats serve for rent.

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