Cheap fire escapes
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Cheap Fire Escape

Fire ladders, which are of vital importance in living spaces and workplaces as escape ladder systems, are systems that should be done carefully in the assembly phase in terms of location and usage area. Z-type and circular staircase systems, size and capacity [more…]

otokar signed million-euro export contract
54 Sakarya

175 Bus Orders from Georgia to Otokar

Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.Ş. signed an export contract worth 18,7 million Euros. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), "Our company, with the Georgia Municipal Development Fund, covers 175 buses and their spare parts and training. [more…]

sailing and canoeing facility in the army opened
52 Army

Sailing and Canoeing Facility Opened in Ordu

The introduction and opening ceremony of the Sailing and Canoe Training Project was held in cooperation with Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Ordu Sailing and Canoe Association. In the Ordu Culture and Art Center Hall, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Adem Atik, [more…]

Special mission of Bursa city hospital metro
16 Bursa

Special Mission of Bursa City Hospital Metro

Special Mission of Bursa City Hospital Metro: AK Party Bursa deputies Refik Özen and Dr. Mustafa Esgin, sohbetThey said, "The City Hospital metro has a special mission." They also listed it in 3 items: "It will enable the city center to reach the high speed train station in Balat." Two… [more…]

treasury approval for the billion lira bursa bandirma railway line
16 Bursa

Treasury Approves for 13 Billion Lira Bursa Bandırma Railway Line

Although… The wheels in the economy started to turn and daily life started to move again with the steps of normalization. In fact, there was an abnormal rate of normalization. It is also a fact… There was a difficult process in both social and public responsibilities. For example… State and municipalities focused on health. Human priority [more…]

durmazlar Now it will produce a tram for the city of romanian recital
16 Bursa

Durmazlar To Build Tram for Romania's Resita City

Turkey is the leading provider of technology-producing Durmazlar The power of the machine and technological support for the first time perform tram production in Turkey Durmazlar Rail Systems, after the trams produced for the Polish city of Olsztyn, now for the Romanian city of Resita [more…]

doha metro will raise the world cup
974 Qatar

Doha Metro to Reach 2022 World Cup

The 300 km long Doha Metro serves the Greater Doha area and provides connections to city centers, important commercial and residential areas in the city. The subway, built level or elevated on the outskirts of the city, is underground in the central area of ​​Doha. Metro; [more…]

the national electric train is counting down the rails
54 Sakarya

National Electric Train Counts Days to Get Down on Rails

According to a statement from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Turkey's first indigenous design and production process of the national electric train set was completed. On June 29, Monday at 10.00:XNUMX, the train will land on the rails in Sakarya-TÜVASAŞ and test drives will begin. First produced [more…]

slap will be opened at the beginning of the airport year
60 Tokat

Tokat Airport Will Be Opened To Service In Early 2021

Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, paid a visit to Tokat Airport, which he announced to be opened at the beginning of 2021. Explaining that the works on the Tokat-Niksar highway are continuing rapidly, Karaismailoğlu said that they are in an intense diplomacy for international flights to return to their old order. Transport [more…]

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