Investments of Erciyes are planned
38 Kayseri

Erciyes Investments Planned

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç held a meeting on investments to be made in 2020 for Erciyes, one of the world's leading winter tourism centers. Mayor Büyükkılıç said, “Our Erciyes are not only in the winter months 12 [more…]

support for the ib project of istkadan ibb
34 Istanbul

Don't Touch the Button, Cross Health

One of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, İGDAŞ, İSBAK AŞ and BİMTAŞ were entitled to support under the Covid-19 Struggle and Resilience Program of the Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA). İSTKA, public institutions, private sector and [more…]

Mascara was placed in Izmir District Courthouse
35 Izmir

Maskematic Placed In Izmir District Courthouse

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding its maskematic application to facilitate the access of citizens to the medical mask. After the metro masks, the ferry ports and the mobile mascemics placed in certain parts of the city, the maskematic entrance to the entrance of the District Court [more…]

operating room hygiene to buses in izmir
35 Izmir

Operating Room Hygiene for Buses in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a project that will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in public transportation vehicles for trial purposes. Air purification devices with hepa filters and UV rays used in the operating rooms for the first time in the world [more…]

exports of water products passed billion dollars

Fisheries Exports Passed 1 Billion Dollars

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli stated that 2019 was a fruitful year in terms of water production and said, “Thanks to the works we have done and the support we have provided to the sector, our aquaculture production has broken a historical record and reached 836 [more…]

I robotic turkey neglect and developing ike

Turkey UAV robot and HR Enhances

Turkey, Turkish Republic Presidential Defense Industry Department (SSB) in coordination with lots executed Robot Project will develop UAV and HR systems. On the subject, the President of the Turkish Presidency, Defense Industry. Dr. İsmail DEMİR [more…]

domestic engine to the system of tumosandan sdt
34 Istanbul

Domestic Engine to SDT's System from TÜMOSAN

On May 17, 2018, the Turkish Presidency Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) tender announcement of the Aircraft Stopper System Procurement Project was published. Aircraft Stopper Systems (Fixed) for the needs of the Turkish Air Force Command within the scope of the project [more…]

first turkish passenger flight
34 Istanbul

The First Turkish Passenger Aircraft

The 1930s... The days when there were economic problems in Turkey as well as in the world... The important needs of the army were met with donations collected from the people. In those days, there were campaigns to buy military aircraft. from wealthy businessmen [more…]

countdown started on ankara sivas yht line
06 Ankara

Countdown Begins at Ankara Sivas YHT Line

Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Line (YHT) rail laying works continue uninterruptedly. Despite the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, studies are not interrupted, and the project is planned to be completed within the year. 393 kilometers of project between Ankara and Sivas [more…]

yht expires from the number of flights
06 Ankara

Number of YHT Expeditions Increase from 16 to 20

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu said that the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) flights, which were suspended due to the Kovid-19 measures, were launched with the Ankara-Istanbul expedition on 28 May, and the normalization process is proceeding rapidly. Scientific Board [more…]

Turkey Air Games

Turkey Air Games

THK in 2000, 6 branches in 1st Air Games Turkey, while Turkey in 2002. The 2nd Air Games in 2004, the 3rd Air Games Turkey with national and international aviation [more…]