Flights Started Fast at Milas Bodrum Airport
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Flights Started Fast at Milas-Bodrum Airport

Scheduled domestic flights started at Milas-Bodrum Airport as of this morning. On the first day, mutual 20 flights are organized from the airport, where all measures against the pandemic are taken. Scheduled domestic flights at Milas-Bodrum Airport operated by TAV Airports after a two-month break [more…]

million-dollar support to exports
26 Eskisehir

$ 201 Million Support to Export

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), which opened its first bank branch in Eskişehir initiatives with Export Credit Bank of Turkey-Turkish Eximbank, this year has provided a total of 5 million dollars in contributions to export the first 201,7 months of Eskisehir. Increasing Eskişehir's export capacity and [more…]

Passenger capacity decision on bus and metrobus in Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Passenger Capacity Decision in Bus and Metrobus in Istanbul

In parallel with the normalization experienced during the coronavirus epidemic process, it was decided to cancel the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in March and then tightened further, stating that "half of the passengers can be transported in public transport vehicles". In the cancellation statement, [more…]

support from railroads for blood donation
58 Sivas

Support from the Railroads to Blood Donation

Explaining that there was a serious decrease in blood donations during the period when the coronavirus epidemic upset the economic and social life, the Red Crescent received support from the railways. Due to the corona virus outbreak, in Sivas in Turkey as it is in general a considerable amount of reduction in blood donation stock [more…]

blue-fin tuna fishing started
Mediterranean Region

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Has Begun

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli stated that the Bluefin Tuna fishermen started to hunt by saying Vira Bismillah, adding that 2 thousand 305 tons of tuna can be caught in our country this year. Tuna fishing in international waters of the Mediterranean with the Turkish flag [more…]

Giant Support to the Game Industry

Giant Support to the Game Industry

Turkey's first "unicorn" out of the game industry's eyes are turned to game development industry. With the strength of the support provided by various mechanisms, the sector achieves popular games and significant economic successes in the world. Ministry of Industry and Technology, for a long time [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 04.06.2020 Tender Bulletin

Ankaray Extension Line Engineering Consultancy Service Will Be Received Car Rental Work with Driver 1 Year Maintenance and Repair Service Work of Wagon Repair Works Ankaray Enterprise Journal Bed Repair Maintenance Service Procurement Similar News:RayHaber 03.01.2020 Tender [more…]

minister gave history opening in june
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Third Runway Opens on 18 June

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, Turkey Hoteliers Association met with management. Covidien-19 is an example of all the world's outbreak with Turkey in the fight against expressing Karaismailoğlu, "end of the year to restart flights to many countries [more…]

exorbitant price in istanbul bayrampasa bus terminal

Exorbitant Price at Bayrampaşa Bus Terminal in Istanbul!

Within the scope of the new normalization, when the intercity travel restriction was lifted, citizens followed the bus terminals. Stating that their costs have increased with the single seat application, the coach station found the cure to raise ticket prices. Some bus companies are 30 people, depending on the size of the suitcases. [more…]

historical area of ​​hicaz train station in samara was rented yilligina
963 Syria

The Historical Area of ​​the Hejaz Train Station in Damascus Has Been Rented For 45 Years

The Syrian regime has transformed the historical site of the Hejaz Train Station, built in the late 19th century in the center of Damascus during the Ottoman period, to an unnamed private company for 45 years into a tourist hotel and commercial activities. Official sources affiliated with the Syrian regime confirmed that a historical train station was rented in the capital Damascus. In details, Hejaz [more…]

yht will stay on the eve from june
54 Sakarya

YHT Will Stop At Arifiye From June 8

The New High Speed ​​Train, which does not stop in Arifiye within the scope of coronavirus measures, will start to receive passengers from Arifiye again from Monday, following the initiatives of Deputy Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek. Within the scope of coronavirus measures, in the first step of new normalization, the New High Speed ​​Train will not stop at intermediate stops [more…]

izmit and gebze yht expedition times are determined
41 Kocaeli

Izmit and Gebze YHT Expedition Hours Determined

It has been announced that the High Speed ​​Train, which restarted its flights between Istanbul and Ankara, will stop in Izmit and Gebze from June 8. High Speed ​​Train, which has suspended its flights due to the coronavirus pandemic that affects our country as well as all over the world, [more…]

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