Holiday gifts for children from the business bank

Report Card for Children from İş Bank

Report Card Gift for Children From İşbank: “Show Your Report Card, Get Your Book”, one of the biggest book campaigns ever carried out in our country, initiated by İşbank in the 2007-2008 academic year, is the 13th edition this year. [more…]

Tender time for SSR broken intersection
54 Sakarya

Tender Time for SGK Köprülü Intersection

SGK Köprülü Junction, which President Ekrem Yüce shared with the city, is going to tender on Monday, June 22. With the SGK Köprülü Junction, which will bring convenience to the city center transportation, transitions to Erenler and Serdivan are also easy. [more…]

batman raybus news
72 Batman

The Annunciation of Raybüs to Batman

The campaigns of Batmansonsöz newspaper started to give positive results in order to transform the safe and cheap railway line, which has been used actively on the Batman-Diyarbakır railway for the last 2 years, into a rail system. 2 YEARS OF SURVEYS AND SIGNATURES [more…]

happy father's day, father of railways, behic power

'Happy Father's Day' to Behiç Erkin, the Father of Railways

We learned from our father to always do better with confidence, courage and determination and to work for this country non-stop. We celebrate the Father's Day of all our fathers who guide us with their exemplary behavior and bring us to the future with their experience and knowledge.

the path of oul was like the bridge of sirat
52 Army

School Road was like the Bridge of Sirat

In Ordu, the ordeal of the wooden bridge, which has been in use for about 40 years and is in danger of collapse because of decay, is ending. Transitioning to the dangerous wooden bridge that students had to use on their way to school with big baks [more…]

stm general manager was ozgur guleryuz
06 Ankara

STM General Manager Became Özgür GÜLERYÜZ

Özgür GÜLERYÜZ, who served as Deputy General Manager at the same company, became the General Manager of STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. Following the appointment of STM General Manager Murat İKİNCİ as Roketsan General Manager, the company [more…]

starts the digital champion in the rally

Digital Championship Starts in Rally

Organized by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) in cooperation with Red Bull, one of the brands that invest the most in motor sports in the world, with the contributions of Spor Toto and Shell Helix, TOSFED Digital Rally Championship [more…]

nonstop tram service starts tomorrow
42 Konya

Direct Tram Flights in Konya Start Tomorrow

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has published a transportation announcement. In the announcement, it was stated that as of Monday, June 22, 2020, tram services will be organized between Selçuk University and Courthouse in addition to the current tariff. Additional expeditions [more…]

experts assessed lgs questions

Experts Evaluate 2020 LGS Questions

Department Coordinators of the Google school GEN Next Generations College, which has a management and expert education staff that has placed 34 thousands of students in the most successful high schools and universities for 100 years, [more…]

Who is Hasan Izzettin Dynamo

Who is Hasan İzzettin Dinamo?

Hasan İzzettin Dinamo (born 1909, Akcaabat, Trabzon – died 20 June 1989), Turkish writer. He settled first in Istanbul and then in Samsun with his family. His father died in World War I. Ankara Gazi Education [more…]

hs railway project protested in england
44 UK

HS2 Railway Project Protested in England

The HS2028 speed train initiative, whose first phase is planned to be completed between 2031 and 2 in England, has attracted the reaction of environmentalists. Listen to online radio A cluster of protesters is about 200 kilometers along the railway [more…]

egiad slovenia cooperation
35 Izmir

EGİAD Cooperation in Slovenia

Providing commercial information and market research opportunities to exporter member companies and within this scope, organizing commercial delegation programs abroad at various intervals EGİADdue to preparation for export and trade activities after covid-19 [more…]